Do the work, trust the journey

Put one foot in front of the other, continually learning and growing your chosen field, and you will very soon become an expert.

There is nothing wrong with hard work. Hard work is what our country is made up of. Our forefathers worked hard, our countrymen worked hard.

In the 21st century it seems though that there is a mystery thought process that people can get rich without working at all, let alone hard.  That thought process is if I can convince someone to work with me, I do little, and then I get a cheque is simply different math than what is real. Look atthe get rich quick schemes we have and that is enough to prove the statement.

I like to work hard and I like to play hard. Not a requirement of my life, I simply enjoy creating and being in the moment. I find that when I practice this, things flow to me easily and effortlessly.

Getting rich quick is a fallacy that does not last. There will be many that tell you that it is possible and it probably is for some. For the majority of honest working people, it takes some time and commitment to your craft to become an expert.

Trust your gut

That niggling feeling, that voice inside your head, that uneasiness that has you questioning, pay attention to that message. It may save your life.

I do not know how many times I have a thought about something, acted upon it, and then realize that it was a blessing. I also have had many times where I did not pay attention to that inner voice that says stop and I pay for it later.

That voice, that feeling, that gut feeling is simply the spirit within you that is attempting to connect with you on an intuitive level. It is the part of you that reason and logic defy and the ego part of you tries to deny its existence.

We all have it, most of us ignore it.

A millionaire was once asked how he made millions. He said he listened to his intuition. It is said that Warren Buffett uses his intuition to purchase stocks. Many celebrities have talked about the intuitive part of the human.

Over the centuries man has tried to conquer the mind to no avail. We understand quantum physics a little better, how the brain works in its magnititude, but to really understand the intuitive part, no one really knows. How do you describe a gut feeling except that it is something you simply know?

The Cornerstone is the beginning of understanding what blocks you from you. What stops you from listening to the voice, what stops you from creating harmony within yourself so that you can live an intuitive life.

Imagine living a life with peace. So far we have not been successful in creating peace on our planet. Perhaps it is the way of the mystic or the intuition that will finally allow the human race to be okay with each other.