The Angels of YOU Seminars Team 8 showed Surrey Christmas a little early this year.

On December 18,2010  11 people delivered Christmas to 10 families in Christmas hampers.

One of the recipients was completely overwhelmed. The one young father was so grateful that his son would have a great Christmas. All in all, the giving was great and the receiving was with grace and gratitude.

Check out the video


AND Merry Christmas from all of us at YOU Seminars

Chaos reigns in the EGO realm

Chaos seems to be the normal way of living for many people. In fact, it is so normal that harmony feels strange or we call chaos normal.

And then we try to tell ourselves that our chaotic life is okay and the way our life should be. Balance is really when the Ego and the Higher Self is equal. When we live in a world where the ego reigns completely, the chaos is devestating.

I watch a friend of mine go through life in complete chaos. It is like he thrives on it. If his life is not chaotic then he creates chaos. AND he has no idea really he is doing it. People tell him, his kids avoid him, his wife cries and endures, his employees leave him, and no one can do anything as well as he does. He judges everyone faster than anyone I know and he judges himself worse than anyone else ever will. His temper flares at the drop of a hat, his charm is expansive,and he is unpredictable to say the least. He is a man on a mission that is bent on serving only himself.

This chaos is created by the need to be liked, to be appreciated, to be validated, to be right. It is a cyclical behavior that starts and stops in the same place. A roller coaster ride that to someone watching is hard to watch but to someone living is impossible to maintain. It is a train that is going at top speed with no thought to slow down wreaking havoc on everyone on its path that it cannot use or manipulate. He goes along fine and then blows up in complete rage, calms down, and then blows up again.

This exageration is an example of the ego running full tilt. When the ego is running at this level, the vibration that is created is selfish manipulation. We see it everyday, not to this extreme perhaps, but enough to cause damage. Road rage, addictive behaviors, child abuse, gossip, competition, and angry yelling matches are just a few example of the ego running in full control.

With Christmas just around the corner it is a good idea to start to check in with how you are being. Are you the person who helps out and supports people or are you demanding that life gives over its magic to you for free?

If chaos runs your life, take a moment and simply breathe, in and out. Stop running for five minutes a day. Ask yourself where you are running to?

Start by checking in with how you treat your family. If you treat your clients or co workers better than your family, then go live with your clients. Our clients share a part of our lives, our family chose to share all of our lives. Treat your family with the respect they deserve.

Take a moment to breathe, to live in the moment, to understand that you are not your business, to share your life with those that are around you.

Allow yourself to ask how you can be of service instead of demanding that life give you what you want. Do one kind thing for another human being every day and see how that solves the ego drama.