Feeling stuck?  Blocked? Frustrated?  Bored?

Like there is something more to life and you are not sure what that is?

 Unlock the keys to understanding you at a whole new level.

We all know people who are struggling in the economy, in relationships,in  life in general…..and sometimes that person is you…..

 At YOU Seminars we support those that really want to find out what is next for them.You will get Results.

Perhaps ….

It is a new career

It is inner peace

It is understanding and compassion

It is forgiveness

It is a new relationship or better the ones you all ready have

It is more money

 Whatever it is ,you have the answers locked within you and we can help


We use top notch state of  the art techniques proven over and over again

 How to find out more about it?

 WE are having an information session on the Cornerstone

Wednesday February 9,2011

11560 Voyageur Way Richmond BC

Thursday  February 10,2011

1783 Everett Road, Abbotsford BC

 7:oo pm—8:30 pm

Call Corinne to RSVP at 778-552-3000

Next Cornerstone is February 19 and 20  10 am to 8 pm each day


Personal Development today is more prevalent in the workplace than ever before. Todays business needs to be in the leading edge of personal development not only in understanding your staff but in understanding your clients as well.

How do we do that?

The first step in personal development is to be aware of what is really going on within you. Pay attention to what is happening around you.

The second step is to be in integrity. Integrity is huge in the workplace and what is true is that you may not even be aware of when you are not in integrity.

The third step is to keep your word. If you said it, do it. Again, most people are not even aware when they do not keep their word.

The fourth step is to be honest about what is going on for you. Be brutally honest with yourself and have compassion for everyone.

As you might have noticed, these steps all start with awareness. You cannot improve sales unless you know where you are at. You cannot improve production until you know where you are at. Then the steps you take to improve these must come from within first.

These steps as we discuss in detail in the Foundations of Success class and in the Journey to Power are just the beginning of the wonderful journey called your life. It is a marvelous day when you realize that there is no one like you and that you are an amazing powerful person. You are more than your job, more than your house or your car.