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Happy Valentine’s Day!

Celebrate the love around you on this special day and then remember to celebrate the love all year round.

I can remember not so long ago taking for granted those that I said mattered to me most. I would work long hours, I would go out with my friends, or I would watch tv when I got home. Guess what happened?

My relationships started to dwindle. My husband started working longer hours, my kids grew up, my brothers got lives, my dad did his thing and I was less and less part of their lives.

WhenI woke up out of the fog, I realized that the work I was doing, the success I thought I was going to achieve was going to mean nothing if I had no one to share it with. And another part of the journey began.

The most important person I get to share my life with is my husband John. I learn so much from him and even when our schedules are busy we never forget to connect every day with each other. I want to him to unequivocably know that he is the most important person in my life all year round so I tell him, I show him, I do things for him, and I absolutely adore him.  Make you want to gag?  Yeah me too,  a long time ago.  Now I understand that I share my life with him so I need to do some action to create that.

My family, immediate for now, I work on those relationships. I call, I have family dinners, I am making the effort. I am never TOO busy to talk to them for they matter to me.

Your spouse, your family, your children, your brothers and sisters, you chose each other to learn from. Forget the judgment, forget the grudges, forget the misunderstanding, have some compassion, and share your life with those people in your life.

Call them, spend time with them, forgive them, and simply allow them to be the best they can be for them. In this way you get to be the best you can be for you and your circle will widen.

Happy Valentine’s Day

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