Are the goals you set worthy of the VISION you have for your life?

Every year I watch people set goals for what they want. Some hit them, other do not  And life goes on….

Or so one thinks.  Not the case. Not a lot changes. The same money, the same weight, the same stuff happens….And life goes on…..

My question to you is simple, when you set a goal, does it reflect the vision in your life or is it simply something you think might be a good idea?

If you can answer this question you are on the right track. If not, perhaps we can help.

For many years I set goals around money, around weight, around relationships and my career. I would hit the goal and then wonder why I did not feel like I had accomplished anything. The reason for that was simple. They did not fit the vision for my life. They did not measure up to what was really missing in my life. The goals were not me, they were simply an extension of me. I would use a goal to define who I was.

If I hit my goal, I was a good person, if I did not, I was not.

That simply is not true. It is a story I make up. It is something that I tell myself that does not motivate me.

So the Journey to Power Vision Quest was born. How do you have a vision for your life such that you set goals or your life becomes an extension of your vision. When this occurs, you will never set a goal again. Everything you do will be a creation of the vision of your life.

When this occurs your life becomes very simple. It becomes easy to make decisions in life. If the decision does not fit the vision, you do not do it.

Education of this sort is invaluable. If what you have in life is not entirely what you want, you have to do something different. If you want money in your life, you must invest in your education on how to get that. If you want better relationships you must pay the price, there is no free lunch. If you want a life of peace, you must be be around who are peaceful so you can learn how to be that. YOU Seminars are experts at showing you how to create this type of life.

When you invest in yourself, you choose to live a life of magnifigence. When you invest in the stock market, you choose to live a life of numbers.

If you want to play FULL out in life you must pay the FULL price, otherwise you will simply have a watered down version of your life. There is no free lunch. You can test this statement over and over again.

Journey to Power Vision Quest is the beginning of the path that will lead you to your vision.

The next class is in Abbotsford on April 30 and May 1, 2011 from 10 am to 6 pm. The cost is $649.00 plus HST

You want to make a difference and not sure how to do that?

You Know that life has more to it than what you currently have?

The Journey Vision Quest Seminar is for you, the person who is looking to recreate themselves in a way that is fulfilling, that inspires, that really speaks to who you are in a loving, respectful way.

How you know this class is for you….

You are the person who knows that you are more than your money, or your job, or even your limitations.

You are the person who sometimes feels depressed not knowing what is next.

You are the person who is not sure what they want but they know that it must make a difference.

You are the person looking for that deeper meaning to life.

 Join us on April 30 and May 1 between 10 am to and 6pm for an inspirational experiential weekend of looking inward.

Cost $ 649.00

Time Saturday and Sunday     10 am to 6 pm

Location: Coast Hotel, Abbotsford BC

To register please email

Life is made up of a series of roller coaster rides that have us up one minute and then down the next and then up and then down.

And Everything happens for a reason!

When I first started to study that concept I thought that is was crazy to think that murder had a reason behind it, that robbery was part of a plan, that a natural disaster was executed with a purpose.

And if I can accept that the positive things are here to benefit me, then I must accept that the negative are also here to benefit me.

At the age of 30, I realized that I had a serious drinking problem. I drank for 6 months straight. My husband was beside himself not knowing what to do. My children thought I was going to die and if truth were told, the real intention of my drinking, was simply to die. I woke up one evening after a day of drinking to my husband asking me if this was going to be the last time. I replied yes and with the help of AA and friends I was able to keep that promise for almost 15 years now.

Without this event many people’s lives would be different. This event created tragedy for sure, but it also created some very good things as well. It was a stepping stone for other events to occur.

Just as this moment is a stepping stone for your life. Think back on your life and analyze how many things had to occur for you to be where you are now. To have the job you have now, you had to be reading that paper, talking to this person, or doing what you do. There was a series of events that led up to that point.

Everything has that. We will always have challenges in our lives. That is why we are here after all. The point is what do we do with the challenge. Do we stay victim to it or do we realize that there is a reason, something to learn, something to grow and then move on.

At YOU Seminars we are experts at empowering people to overcome challenges,. Our motto is that no one is left behind. Our classes support in the vision of the person, not the goal of the personality.

Out next class dedicated to the Vision Quest of your life will be held on April 30 and May 1,2011. For more information please contact Corinne at

BE Fearless


SO…. YOU want to

Make More Money, Have a Better Sex Life, Live a Life of Peace….



Begin to understand how your mind really works

so that you can have all of this and so much more.

 COST $19.00

July 6, 2011  6:30 pm to 9:30 pm

11560 Voyageur Way, Richmond, BC


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