Have you ever thought you wanted something and then thought you could never have it because you were too scared to even try.

You have the ability to let fear be the trigger that allows you to be successful. You can be fearless in our world. Fear does not have to stop you.

10 years ago I remember writing my bucket list. On it was a wish to complete my black belt in a martial art. Looking back I remember saying to myself every time I saw it that I could not do it.

Three years ago, my son was going through some teenage stuff so I suggested that him and I go and try Martial Arts. That decision changed my attitude toward fear.

I was very much afraid of doing this as I had no idea what to expect. I was 43 years old, 50 lbs overweight, and all I could see what me straining to breathe as  punched something.  I watched the other people in the class and thought I would never be able to do what they do.

It was only for six months. I could do this for six months. Every class I would get the courage up to go. I had such a hard time with the classes. Punching, kicking, doing the patterns and the weapons were all such a big stretch for me. To top it all off, they wanted me to do a physical test in front of everyone every couple of months to advance to the next belt. I hated tests especially physical ones.

I kept at it. I was developing a kind of love for the fear I had. I was beginning to realize that the fear was what keeping me going.  I was not going to let the fear of not being able to complete my goal stop me.

I was beginning to love myself enough to not let fear control me.

Today I have the attitude that if I am afraid of it, I will do it. I will test for my brown belt in August of this year.

Fear is the opposite of love. When love is the catalyst, fear dissipates quickly. When life is all about you, fear is the catalyst.

At YOU Seminars, on July 6 at 6:30 pm in Richmond we are having a seminar on Fear, and how to BE Fearless in a world that wants you to be fearful.

Please email me at corinne@youseminars.com to register for this class.

Peace…is it possible?

Peace—what does that really mean and do we know how to achieve it?

To me peace is simply the ability to live in the moment, to be aware of the moment and to respond in a gentle and compassionate way.

To others it may mean stopping the trouble in the middle east, the dispute in your neighborhood, the fight on the schoolyard, the gossip at work, the problem with your inlaws, road rage etc..

All of these potentially stressful situations create lack of peace in your mind.

And many blame the outside circumstances for the events that are or have occurred. When we blame outside circumstances for the events that occur in our life, we adopt a victim mentality. We no longer have control of our lives, the events in our lives control us. Our power is gone, we only get to react to the situation.

This victim mentality will never support peace of mind. It only supports more violence, more anger, more death.

Think back to the last time you were caught in traffic.

Did you breathe and say to yourself that there is nothing you can do to change it or did you get upset yelling a the idiot who cut in front of you seething at the fact that the highway is a parking lot?

Think back to the last time someone upset you particularly a family member or friend.

Did you breathe and forgive them or did you tell yourself or everyone what a horrible experience you had with that person?

Think back to the last time you failed at something?

Did you breathe and say I will do better next time or did you send a diatribe of thoughts through your mind that said you were not good enough?

Think back to the last time you saw something on tv that shocked or disturbed you?

Did you breathe and think compassioantely about everyone involved or did you immediately judge, voice your opinion to whomever would listen and feel righteous about your opinion?

All of these thoughts create lack of peace. Each part of these contribute to the energy of war in our world. And we are all guilty of it at one time or another.

To have peace on our planet, we have to start with how we interpret peace and how we respond to situations that create war in our minds.

If you answered yes to any of the situations above, here is a tip on how to clear this from you. Close your eyes, take a deep breath and think about the event. Now think about how you would have liked to respond to the event and take another deep breath with the intention of letting the negativity go when you exhale.

When I think peaceful thoughts, I will have peaceful feelings and actions. When I have peaceful actions, I will have peaceful situations. When I have peaceful situations, I will have peaceful outcomes. When we have peaceful outcomes, I can share with the world –peace–until then I can only share war. 

 I can change the world by creating peace within me that supports peace within you. That is how the world will change. It must be congruent and from the inside out.

Challenge of the week:

Practice One Peaceful Act throughout this week. Email me your results.

For example, do the speed limit, think kind thoughts, do not judge, meditate and visualize peace in the middle east,  when you see an ambulance think about how a beautiful baby is being born, when stuck in traffic breathe and be grateful for the car you drive. All of these actions support peace in your mind and spirit.

At YOU Seminars, I am committed to creating peace on our planet and that starts with me. All of our courses, workshops, classes, and my daily business interactions are created with the understanding that it is not about perfection and it is about congrunecy in all areas, both business and personal. If I can support in any way please feel free to email me at corinne@youseminars.com