Being fearless today is almost a scary thought that most actually choose to not think about.

What do you do when you are afraid of something?

First of all admitting that you might be afraid, this first step is hard.  You might say something like I do not want to do it, I do not like it, I am not available, I am busy, my physical limitations will stop me, I am too old, I am too young, I am not in good enough shape, no time, no money,  I have never been able to, and the two worst words to utter are  I can’t. The bottom line is that these all are the result of fear.

Even last year, at 44 years of age I was very much afraid of even starting a 5 day  5 hours a day martial art class. I was scared that I would not be able to physically do it.  I do what I have been trained to do which is to do it in spite of the fear. I completed the class, took my two hour test and completed my belt. This year I am doing 2 intensive weeks of martial art training. As a result of the first experience I have no fear.

Fear stops people from doing what they really want to do. It will cause a myriad of emotions that literally block you from success.

Here are a few things that fear will stop you from doing.

  1. Asking a person out on a date
  2. Asking for help when you really need it.
  3. Asking for the promotion
  4. Asking for help on how to create material wealth
  5. Letting your partner how you really feel
  6. Not being in the career you really want
  7. Being happy
  8. Fulfilment in many areas of your life
  9. Physical challenges
  10. Relationship challenges

Here is the byproduct of people not doing what they say they want to do

  1. Reach 60 years old and wonder what happened to your life
  2. Wish they always had finished their degree
  3. Always wished they had looked after themselves physically
  4. Wished they saved more money
  5. Wished they travelled more
  6. Wished they were home more
  7. Wished they had a better relationship with their kids

Notice the wishes, all contributed to fear and the blocks that we impose on ourselves because we really think we cannot do these things.

What I would like to tell you is that these limitations are not forever. They are what is stopping you right now but it does not have to be what stops you forever.

I do things because I want to do them.

I also do things if I have a fear of them. I am not talking about illegal or irresponsible things. Things like getting my black belt, releasing 40 lbs in 90 days, swimming with wild dolphins, and getting my PHD were things that I was fearful of. I am or have done all of these things. I used to be scared of everything and everyone. I never let you know I was scared but deep down, I did not want anyone to get too close.

You too can have the ability to live your life to the fullest, to do what you want to do, to create a life that inspires, instead of a life that is OK, that you get by with, that you exist in wondering if perhaps there is something else youare supposed to do.

On July 19, at 6:30 pm to 9:30 pm in Richmond we will be having a BE Fearless workshop. This workshop will support you with tools that will allow you to do things you thought you could never do and wish you had.

To get a copy of the audio of this workshop please let me know

I used to take that skill of simply doing things for granted, I no longer do. I am grateful for my ability to jump in without thinking too much about what it is and ask questions later.

When was the last time you thought about something you wanted to do and did not for whatever reason. Perhaps you justified it then and still are.

Perhaps this workshop is the ticket that will support you on a journey to really understanding you.

Time 6:30 pm

Cost $19.00

City To Attend