20 seconds of Insane Courage

“All it takes is 20 seconds of insane courage and I promise you that something great will occur” Matt Damon

Take 20 seconds of your life and use insane courage, and something great will occur.

What is one thing you are afraid of? Imagine using insane courage on that one fear. What would happen?

Truth is you won’t know until you try it.

Take one thing you are afraid of and test this theory. Go do it.

I remember my first Sun Hang Do Martial Arts Belt test. To advance in belt level you need to do a test in front of the test committee and the 40 people who come to watch. It took me six months to test for it. I was petrified of “performing” my skills in front of everyone. The night before the test I did not sleep.  I  started this discipline because I always wanted my black belt. I was not going to get my black belt without doing the steps. I wish I could say it got easier after the first test, it did not, at least not for a while.Every test was a test of courage for me. It would have been easy to quit and I am glad I did not. After fourteen tests, I can now say that I am confident when I test.

The 20 seconds of courage I needed to get past the thought of quitting was what will get me what I want.

The 20 seconds of courage was what expanded my awareness so that I had the confidence to do much more in my life.

Every time you face the fear and do it anyways, you expand your self esteem. You expand your ability to trust yourself. Freedom comes when you know you can handle whatever life has to offer.

Use insane courage and watch amazing things occur. As you do watch the life you want step into your life.




A Precious Moment

What we all have in common is this moment! No one can take that away from you or me unless we allow them to.
We often forget especially near the holiday season that to take a moment and enjoy the precious moments is the key to life.
Think about it, when you are 82, you are not going to remember the stress of Christmas, you are going to remember how it makes you feel. You are going to remember who was there and how you felt about it.
I watch people stressed out by the holidays as if it were a badge of honour. It almost seems that if they are not stressed out, then they have not done enough. Or it is not Christmas unless they have gone through the stress of it all.
Any time I have been stressed out, I miss out on so much. I miss out on the kids laugh, the grandkids giggle, my husband helping with the dishes, my kids all home, and the overall energy of the season.
So, if you are one of those that like to be stressed out over Christmas, perhaps this year might be an opportunity to breathe, relax, and enjoy all the precious moments that this season has to offer. There is so much joy in the air, so much peace, so much love, that when you stop to enjoy it, you really feel it.
Do one thing nice today for someone else and watch how you feel.
Precious moments are the gifts of life. Do not waste them on stress. Today I will be making Christmas cookies with my five year old grandson, what a joy, what a precious moment.

War, Competition, Divorce, Lost relationships with our family, Loneliness, Money, Time, Youth, Self respect, Peace of mind.

This is what it costs you to have the ego in full control and what is most scary , most of you are unaware that this is even happening until it is too late.

So if we are not aware of when ego is in control how can we figure it out?

Look simply at the results in your life and it is easy to see. If you have got the guts.

Your ego right about now will tell you that this is not true, that you do not have to, that you are just fine, you know this stuff.

So why do you run around looking for approval on  your six pack abs or your bank account?

Why do you judge others with your better than or less than attitude?

Why do you use the words, I know, to complete sentences for other people?

Why are you thinking you are fine and that everything will be okay when your staff just walked out?

Why is it okay to scoot in line in front of someone else and you justify it  because you are in a hurry?

Why do you insist that you do things your way?

Why do you demand that people respect you?

Why is playing the victim telling your story over and over again to anyone who will listen so important?

There are many more examples, these are just a few.

Talking the talk no longer does the trick to humbling the ego. Anyone with a sense of truth can see right through you. You must walk the talk.

That is what 2012 is all about. Being able to see the truth, the light, the essence of the higher self.

One cannot operate from the egoic self when the higher self is in control. One will not attempt to control when one operates from the higher self.

The ego when humbled is a great part of you. When it is in control, it will cause you grief. Your job is to humble it. Here are a few tips to prevent the ego’s onslaught.

  1. Meditate on gratitude when you wake up and when you go to sleep.
  2. Do one thing nice for someone every day where there is no agenda.(you get nothing in return)
  3. Exercise daily–cardio.
  4. Meditate for 10 minutes every day and 3 30 -60 minute session per week
  5. Get into relationhsip with someone that is important to you  every day
  6. Go to work and produce something.
  7. Do what you say you are going to do.

You might want to know how this keeps the ego at bay. It keeps you balanced and life is not all about you. You do things for you because it supports you to help others such as exercise. You get into relationship with others so that you can admire those that are in your life. You produce something which allows you to feel productive. You meditate to bring it all together allowing you to raise your vibration so that you become aware quicker of when you are messing up. And most of all, do what you say you are going to do. If you are late, your agenda is more important feeding the ego even more.

Balance-what is it?

To have balance in one’s life is simply to put energy into ALL areas of your life.

What that means is creating the means to focus on the four parts of the human?

Here are the four sides of the our human nature.

Create a square on a piece of paper.  On the bottom of the square put emotional, on the left side put mental, on the top put spiritual, on the right side put physical. Rate yourself honestly between 1 and 10 and put the number beside the word.

Emotional.   Relationship with self and others.

Mental.          The attitude. The financial.

Spiritual.       Connection to the power greater than you.

Physical.        The physical part of the body.

Example: If you are 5’2″ and weight 180 pounds, never exercise, and eat junk food, you might rate yourself on the physical side at a 2. If you live paycheck to paycheck the mental side would be a 2. If you have no idea what spiritual is, a 1 might be the rating. If you have good relationships with yourself and others, you might be a 9 on the emotional side.

With a billion dollar diet industry one does not have to wonder too far which side we spend a lot of time on. The amount of time we spend on looking good in incredible.

Making money is second to this. We want money so we can spend more time looking good with the cars and houses.

These two sides are pretty well exercised.

Do you know people who have lots of money and have had three divorces? The relationship side probably has not had a lot of attention.

How about the spiritual side? Too much time in the spiritual side creates imbalance on the physical side as well.

When one works on only one side or two sides, one does not create harmony, one creates chaos.

Sure, you can set a goal, for example in the physical side, and not pay attention to the spiritual side. When you hit the physical goal, you may not feel the satisfaction of achieving the goal.  When I have done this in the past I have wondered why I only felt elated for a few minutes and then off to achieve the next goal. It was never enough. On the same token you can set a spiritual goal of meditating every day but if you forget to move your body, the body will not work as efficiently.

This may seem like common sense but in reality, it is not. Too many people today are unaware that their focus is on one area so that they can avoid other areas in their lives.

Taking stock of where you are at, and of what you are doing in life is key to creating a life that is high in vibration and high in productivity.

By now some of your egos will be telling you that your life is not that bad, it is not that messed. And it would be right. You are not broken. You do not need to be fixed.

If, however there are things you want to do in your life, then exercises like this one are ones to pay attention to. These are the triggers that, when you are honest, can support you in creating a life that you really want. When you balance your life which really means focus on the wholeness of you, you can create amazing results and feel great about it.

To learn more about this concept, the Cornerstone class is just around the corner. This class is about setting goals that support the wholeness of you, of creating self confidence within you that says to you that you can achieve what you want.

Check our page on the Cornerstone  http://youseminars.com/programs/cornerstone for the dates of the next class.

Personal Power is the most misunderstood and yet most sought after part of the human being.

And  so often we feel like we have no personal power. It is like we have no choice in our life, no options, no control over what is happening to us or around us.

Through this we allow circumstances to dictate our lives.


The Present

Many of us have gone through life like this and are not even aware of it.
Remember when you were
Dying to finish high school to go to college
Dying to finish college to start working
Dying to get married and have kids
Dying to have the kids grow older so that you could travel
Dying to to retire
Until a day comes when you realize that you forgot to live

This life is about living, not about dying.

Dying is for the Rushing.

We rush to work in a job we barely tolerate, we stay in relationships that are unhappy, we have people around us that support us to stay the same, we stay the same, scared of the past and terrified of the future, we do not exercise because it hurts, we exercise because it hurts, we are addicted to the “same old same old” because we know it, and we even forgot what that was in the beginning but because it feels normal, it must be okay.

Or we are so BUSY we can forget what really matters as long as our minds stay busy. Or we put up with things that would normally bother us, or we have no tolerance for anything and judge everything.

We in essence are a society built on distractions. We are masters at how to numb out the present moment as fast as we can. We live our life so fast that it looks like we are in a hurry to die.

So the solution to this.

Take one minute today and be in it fully aware of it, feel it, see it, breathe it, sense it, touch it, smell it, hear it, be in it fully.

When fear shows up, know it is from the past

When pain shows up, know that it is from the past.

When any emotion shows up, it is from the past.

Everything you think, good or bad is based on the past. It is neither good nor bad. It is a past message trying to get you to see that it is Now but it is not.

Do one thing today that you love. Be in the experience. Enjoy it. And then if you must continue on being in a hurry.  If you did this every day you would find that the minute will become longer.

Be in the PRESENT