Cuba-a different perspective

Been in Cuba for three days and all ready a different perspective.

It is slower here. There is no internet available to everyone. I just got on the internet and wifi does not exist. What I learned is how reliant I am on things back home and perhaps an opportunity to look at things again.

Beautiful country, beaches are amazing, the people I am with are incredible, and as we head to Havana, the coffee–capuccino- is amazing.

I look forward to being with the locals and understanding the culture.

Be sure to join me on February 18, 2012 at the Executive Inn in Burnaby, for the different events we have there but to also hear about some grand adventures.

For the Love of Money  at 7 pm on February 18

Success or Bust–the must have for businesses and entrepreneurs at 10 am February 18

For Love and Money

We all talk about love and we all talk about money.

What we do not talk about is how they relate to each other. Most of us talk about them as if they were separate.

On Saturday February 18,2012 at 7 pm join us for a candid discusssion about how to create love and money easily and effortlessly.

Let go of the past, let go of the beliefs, and let money and love in easily and effortlessly.

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For love and money



What do you have to GAIN?

So you have a New Year’s Resolution, it is now Day 10, how is it going? I mean really, how is it going?

Some people will have the discipline to complete their goal on their own, some will have some support beside them and they will get there, and others will have no support and have all ready forgotten what the resolution was.

And others still will not set a New Year’s resolution simply because they have failed in the past so why bother.

Statistics state that you will hit your goal when you have support.

Sheer willpower will not work, in case you are still convinced it will, test it. If it does, great for you. It usually is not an effective tool for me.

What is support?  Support is people around you who hold you accountable. So this means people who hold you accountable.  They care enough about you to ensure that you do what you say you are going to do.

How many of us have that type of relationship? I do now but I did not always. I had the type of relationships where the support kept me the same as them, that way they did not have to change.  Truly, that is not support, it is manipulation.

YOU Seminars creates the support that is required for you to get what you say you want. Corinne has helped thousands of people achieve goals in their life. Now, however she teaches goal setting in a way that sets you up to win. AND you can learn all about it at our Bucket List Boot Camp. It is free and it last two hours. You will leave the two hours with invaluable information and tools on how to achieve those goals easily and effortlessly.

Here is the website Email to reserve your spot. What have you got to lose? The real question is what do you have to gain? What if this year was the year you corrected the past, made this moment amazing, and started to c o-create your life instead of reacting to it.

Want to be Successful, then be of service to someone else.

Want to be happy, then be of service to someone else.

Want to make more money, be of service to someone else.

Want to get out of the rut you are in, be of service to someone else.

So what does that mean, to be of service to someone else?

It means to serve, to help another, to be of assistance, to create a space of being in relationship with another so that you can be of service.

What are some ways to be of service.

Volunteer at a charity, visit a nursing home and talk to the seniors, do your job without thought of the money you are getting but how you can be of service, walk a dog for a neighbour, listen to a friend, and there are so many more ideas.

When you can get out of your own space, out of your head, and out of your own hype, one can get to the level of humanity, to the level of peace, to the level of connecting with people, to really being of service without always thinking of themselves. There is nothing worse than a self absorbed pompous idiot who is only looking for what he can get. Being of service stops the me me me dilemma faced by many today.

Be of service for one day and see what happens.



This Week–Be Kind

2012 is the year to be kind, be kind to yourself, to your family, to your friends, to everyone.

What does it mean to be kind? Simply put, be nice, be thoughtful, care about each other.

If we all took Friday to be the day where we were kind to each other, one 24 hour period, I wonder what would happen. So I challenge you to be kind to everyone and everything around you.

In case you are not sure what that looks like, at home, talk in a quiet peaceful tone, at work, be helpful, at the grocery store and in traffic, have patience, at the gym, be supportive, and while you are alone, stop the negative chitter chatter.

Be kind, have patience, and smile.