Imagine what it would be like to live in a world where time no longer was an issue?

Imagine what it would be like to know what you did in the past five years and be excited about it?

Imagine what it would be like to look back knowing that you did what you came here to do?

Today, simply for this moment be with you. Allow yourself to understand that you have what you need for this moment.

Be with the people who are in front of you, I mean really be with the people who are in front of you.

Today be urgent about your vision in life.

Every day I hear people talk about not having enough time and of course money but time is a big part of the money.

So what does this really mean?

I woke up this morning with an answer of sorts. A friend of mine sent me an email and one of the quotes from the email was , “One does not know the value of a second until one is involved in an accident” Does it really need to come to this to understand the value of a second.

We all have the same 24 hours. And we can all use up that time easily and effortlessly and most often we wonder what it is we just did. What did we spend the last five years doing?

When we have a vision, we can work towards the vision of our life.  When we do not, we rush around being busy or avoiding it altogether.

When we think our life has little meaning and that it is just meant to be endured, you prove to you that life has little meaning.

When we think life is about reacting to the events in our life, then life again has little meaning.

When we think life is about nothing,then life has little meaning.

When we think life is about our careers, and then we lose our job,, life has little meaning,

When we think our life  is about our marriage, and it does not work out, life has little meaning.

When we think our life is about our car or our house, and we lose them, life has little meaning.

When we think out life is about our physical body, and we lose a limb, life has little meaning.

And these things and more, beat us down on a daily basis almost to prove that life has little meaning,

And YET Life is a beautiful thing,

Life is a breathtaking sunrise that looks different everyday.

Life is a treasure trove of experiences that you create.

Life is the laughter of a child, expressed freely and openly.

Life is the wisdom of the aged spoken without care of what another will think.

Life is the hugs of loved ones when faced with a crisis.

Life is the energy of love that flows in and out of us when we allow it to.

 Life is the magnificence of all of those things plus so much more.

And Yet we complain about how much time we have or do not have.

We  stop ourselves from doing things that we know will benefit us and our families.

We focus on things that have no value on the big picture of life.

We waste energy on the egoic things such as pride, anger, guilt, shame, blame, being better or less than and much more.

We think we have all the time in the world so we can avoid life for now and focus on it later.

Today, simply for this moment be with you.

Allow yourself to understand that you have what you need for this moment.

Be with the people who are in front of you, I mean really be with the people who are in front of you.

Today be urgent about your vision in life. Do not let the ego take you rushing around to this and to that, which inherently has little value and later you will wonder why you spent any time doing it all.


I want more money. I want intimate relationships. I want to be at peace. I want to do what I want to do.

Most of us want these and much more. And what are we willing to give up to achieve them. With everything there is a price. A goal of money has a price that you get to pay. And sometimes that price becomes an obstacle.  You know the things that stand in our way of our ultimate goal. The things that stand in our way of happiness.

And obstacles will only show up when you say you want something you do not currently have.

So what do you do in the face of obstacles?

When I am faced with an obstacle to something I want in my life, I have many first reactions. Sometimes I think about it, get mad about it, ignore it, avoid it, face it head on, try to control, or make it disappear.

None of these are effective. Imagine if all you did was think about your goal. Would anything happen? Nope, nada, zilch would happen. If you got mad about it, ignored it,faced it head on, tried to control it or made it disappear, the same wonderful thing would happen–nothing.

So how do you handle obstacles?To get something different, you must do something different. Here is a simple day to day formula.

Step one: Focus on what you want and be clear that is what you want.
Step Two: Take a step toward it.
Step Three: Take another step toward it.
Step Four: Take another step toward it.
Step Five: Take another step toward it
and so on until you have your outcome you desire.

ALWAYS focus on the SOLUTION not the obstacle. The SOLUTION is the step toward what you want.

Any thought to, I do not have the time, I do not have the desire anywmore, I do not know how, I cannot do this, this is too hard, I am scared, my husband will not let me, are all the reasons why you do not have these in the first place. So now is the time to take the excuses that you have had in the past and let them go and simply take one step today, one step tomorrow and so on to achieve what you really want in your life. And sooner than later, you will have what you want.

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Living a joyful life is often dependent on financial security, available time, and having the energy to do something about it.

YOU are the only person that can turn things around and live the life of your dreams, NOW!

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Relaxation is a breath away

Meditation of all kinds is the key to peace and balance in life.

And yet our minds continue to be bombarded by the sensations of the everyday life with no way to clear out the negativity, to allow peace to flow through you.

Stop for a moment and connect with the inner power within you. Meditation is not hard, it is a practice that like exercise is a muscle that  many choose to not use and without it, life is not all it could be.

Want to discover how to unwind, how to destress, how to connect to the power within you, meditation is the answer.

Below you will find a 10 minute mp3, a simple meditation done by me, that will allow you to relax and be at peace knowing that you are enough, you matter, and that you can begin a practice of gratitude, of the power within you, of the power that is within all of us.

Enjoy the meditation.

 Relaxation 2

This is a regular MP3 so if you have any trouble please email me at and I will send you a free copy of this.

If you want to join in a very powerful group meditation, join us on Sunday March 18 at 10 am  in Abbotsford BC. Again a very magical experience.

Powerful or powerless?

At 46 I have had the privilege of many teachers, from my parents, to my family, to my school teachers, and to my husband and children. And for all of th teachers I have had I am grateful. Or so I thought. I am extremely grateful to the peopleI love and care about who are my teachers.

This type of teacher supports my being powerful.

The people I have overlooked are the teachers that have different opinions than I do, that have done things to hurt me, that have really been against what I believe in. You know the type, the people who do not practice what they preach, the people who say one thing and do another,the people who teach integrity and then have an affair or the kind of person who blatantly lie and think it is okay.

This type of teacher supports my being powerless

At one point in my life, it was my mission to let others know what I thought of them and to make sure they did not do it again.

I now have a different opinion. We all have a reason to be here on the planet. We all have a purpose. What I have learned and continue to learn is that people will do what they think is best with the information they have. That being said as a human race, I get to be the type of person I want to have around me.

And I get to let the energy of anger or disappointment go when I think of different people. Is that an easy task? Left to my devices, I would have incredible difficulty.

So how do I do that? Meditation is the way to let the energy that I have disappear. In the process of relaxing the mind, I understand that it is possible to forgive and to let sleeping dogs lie. I accept people as they are.I accept me as I am.  I learn what I need to learn and move on.

I understand that we all have a reason to be on the planet and in that essence we have a right to our opinion, our desires etc. In meditation we begin to understand that people do the best they can with what they know at the time they do it. And with that, we can let go and let everyone be. When I hold onto that energy I am powerless.When I let it go I am powerful.

Control:Wise or not?

Is the attempt to control our lives futile?

Many of us live our life in an attempt to control our lives, giving us the sense that we are secure in the knowledge that we have done what is necessary to have a comfortable life. Whether we control by supporting others, by being the life of the party, by literally controlling everything, or by analyzing everything, the means of control is always the same, the attempt to be secure in our skin.

So what is the definintion of control. According to the dictionary control means,

1. to exercise restraint or direction over; dominate; command. hold in check; curb: to control a horse; to control one’s emotions.
If we use the definition of dominate or command, who or what is the object of the command?
Self? Others? We know that the attempt to control others is short lived. Those that use control tactics such as name calling, gossip, power tripping or anger bursts are usually looking for new victims constantly for most people will not tolerate that behavior for any length of time. A side note to this, in school this behavior would be considered bullying and yet in several adult circles it is considered normal.
The ability to control one’s emotions is an art form. I can control my emotions for the moment if I choose to however it is when I am alone that I lose control so in essence I do not have control over my emotions. Some may simply deny that it is happening or others may dismiss the whole event. Either way, the attempt to control one’s emotions will show up one way or another.
So is it possible to really be in control? For a time perhaps but not for an extended period of time.
As always there are solutions to the attempt to control. The easiest way to let the control go is to understand the very wise biblical verse.
God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.


This is one of those comments that stopped me and I looked at the times in my life where I had spoken more than doing something and then wondered why nothing was really happening.

Like exercise, my thought on that was to get going on the exercise. And when it came to it, I really did not put my heart in it, even if I got there.

It was only when I stopped talking and simply did the exercise, that my routine was solid.

I can remember as a young mother, I would fret about the mess the kids had made and all the housework I had to do. I would spend 30 minutes angry that I even had to do it. When I surrendered to the fact that it needed to be done, it usually took less than 30 minutes to complete the task. So in fact I wasted 30 minutes. 30 minutes I do not get back.

I attended a seminar where the facilitator was known for a phrase he stated often. He would say, “Stop talking, stop talking.” I really understand his thought process now. We talk way too much and not enough action or thought is put behind the talking.

So this weeks challenge is to stop talking and create the action needed to get what you want in your life. Stop talking about it, go live your life.

It is written. We are here for greatness. We are here to support each other. We are here to evolve as spiritual beings in our earth school.

And yet we resist it all. We resist when someone says we are doing a great job, minimizing our talents. We resist our greatness by avoiding our life, getting caught in the depression or in the inner battle of I am not enough. We resist by thinking that I am not as bad as she is so I must not be too bad. We resist by judging our family and friends and call it constructive criticism. We resist by ignoring each other saying we are too busy which is another way of the ego saying I am more important than you are.

And all we really want is to be loved and to love. To love is to accept, to allow me to be as I am, to allow others to be as they are, knowing that we all are on a journey called Earth School and it is okay exactly where we are at.

We love each other by being available.

Today take the time to simply be with you and then with one other person. Call the people who are important to you especially if you have ignored them.