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You want something different?

You want something with some pizaazz and some life?

So you set  a goal. We all know that if we set a goal you are going to achieve it, right?

Well actually, perhaps and perhaps not.

The biggest key to getting a goal or not getting a goal is taking action with urgency. Not just with the goal, with everything in your life.

Action breeds more action and doing things with urgency breeds more urgency. So what does this mean?

When I live my life in urgency, I make a decision and act on it. I go for it. I do not let my monkey mind get in the way of stopping me. A mentor of mine used to say ,Look – See – Move. I would add one step and that is to trust that you will be successful.

What you want you can have. It takes detemination, perseverance, and most of all a commitment to urgency.

And knowing that you will succeed. To understand the knowing is to understand that doing it alone is not the best way.

Get support, take action, and achieve your dreams.


Later never shows up

I will do it one day. I will do it later. I will do it when the kids are older. I will do it when I have more money. I will do it when the sun shines. I will do it when I am slim again. I will do it when I have a job. I will do it when I am older.

Why do people even use that train of thought?

Is it that they really believe that they will one day do what they love?

Is it because they really think that one day will come?

Is it because they hope that one day they will get what they want?

Is it because they are stuck in the buzyness of life that they really do not get it?

I talk to people every day about what they want in life. And I hear the same story. I will do it one day.

When I suggest something that may support them, the first thing that comes up is how they cannot do it. What this tells me is that they are committed to staying the same. They are committed to the excuse they just sold themselves.

So when someone suggests something to me that would benefit me in my quest for excellence in life, I look at it, and begin to see how I can do it. I no longer think about how I cannot do it, I think about how I can, and the  benefits I will receive from doing it. I take a small step to doing it. This action begins to train my mind to stop procrastinating and to start living my life in a way that is congruent with my dreams.

We all say we want more money, better relationships, better friendships and most of us want those things now. And yet when it comes the action of creating a different mindset, we think we can do it later.

And this, my friend, is a mental game.

How we do ONE thing is how we do everything!

And we ALL need ALL the solutions, not just one. To think otherwise is the ego tripping you into the trap of your own specialness.

 The solution to procrastination is to start small. When having a conversation with someone and they suggest something to you, be open to the suggestion. See how it could benefit you. People tell us the answers all of the time and we are not open to hearing it. For the next day, simply listen to what people are saying and then take some small steps towards it.

To learn more about how to overcome procrastination, check out

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