Ever feel like you are alone in the world even with many people around you?

That what you are doing is all about you even though others are involved?

People today want the team environment but are they willing to pay the price?

What does it cost to be part of a team?

Being part of a team you give up being right, doing it your way, procrastination, failure, control, and above all else, loneliness.

Being part of a team, you contribute, you do not have to be right, you do things right away, there is no need to control, and there are people to support you. Why do we as a species have to wait until a natural disaster occurs to be part of a team?

Most of us are not even aware that this is happening in our lives. We live our lives in our world worried about our own selves thinking that it (whatever that is) is the most important thing on the planet. Caught up in the drama of life, we stay spinning on a wheel trying to get off. Life simply passes you by and the nex thing you know you are 30,40,50,and then 60.

We are oblivious to what is happening which is why natural disasters support us in coming together to help.

Be part of a winning team by supporting those around. Be about another person. Get invested in someone else’s success instead of simply yours. And watch what happens to you.

Imagine where you would be if you invested in Microsoft 20 years ago or Facebook a year ago?

Imagine what type of shape you would be in if you went to the gym regularly?  Or invested 100 bucks a month for the past 20 years?

Chances are good you would be ahead of where you are now.

So what stops you from pushing the limits?

Fear, procrastination, doubt, age, gender, fatigue, knowledge, or what?

The above list is a list of reasons why you cannot have what you really want in life. And if you keep using the same excuses, in 20 years you will be in worse shape than you are now, financially, physically, emotionally and spiritually.

So take one thing you want to do and push the limits today on it. Do something that will get you in shape and push your limits NOW not tomorrow, not next week, this minute.

Even a small step. Not sure what to do. Go for a walk. Put one dollar in a piggy bank. Have a conversation, a meaningful one with someone you care about, and meditate for 5 minutes. Do this for a week and let me know what happens. You will be surprised how this small adjustment will create big results

Until next time, ALLOW great things to happen

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