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Stress Get out of the tired.

Tired of being tired?
Tired of thinking that life is hopeless?
Tired of being stuck in the same rut?
I am tired of simply writing it.
And with being tired comes stress. And with stress comes being tired.
So how do you get out of the tired stress?
Start breathing. Start doing things you love. And then start creating a life that begins in this moment.
It is easy to live in tomorrow or yesterday. The challenge for today is to live in the moment. I mean really live in the moment. Not an ego induced gratitude moment that only supports you.
Want to get rid of stress–and yes you can–join me on Monday night at 8 pm on Blogtalk radio to hear the latest discussion on stress–get out of the tired!~

Breakthru the bull****

Tired of being TIRED?  Tired of having no energy?

Tired of doing the same old thing and wondering when life is going to start? Tired of waiting for something to happen?

Or worse, thinking you are doing something and then realizing 5 years went by and you are in the same spot?

Life is about living!!! And living means having life, having a passion for something, being able to be excited about something.

Weekend 2 of the Awakening series is called Breakthru weekend. It is the time in your life where you have an opportunity to breakthrough some stuff in your life that is holding you back. So what are you excited about?

What a great way to start the momentum for the upcoming year!

It is also the time for you to get clear on what your purpose is. Truth be told as much as lying on the beach is a great opportunity, it gets pretty boring after a while.

So what are you meant to do?

Giddyyuuppp, let us go find out.

On October 13 and 14 you will break out of the shell that you are in called your limiting beliefs systems, (and we ALL have them) and create a different paradigm.

I know for me everytime I do this weekend my attention to my life becomes in more depth, more clear, and more intense. I have so much energy!

I want to know that when I die, I lived today!

 What you get for $388.00

  • 16 hours of training in how to kickstart your ACTION button
  • The shortcut to all the answers you could ever want
  • The truth
  • Live your life on purpose
  • The shortcut!

Join me and my gang on October 13 and 14 in Abbotsford.  Call Nicki at 604-746-2727 to register for this class.  We have 6 spots left.  Cost $388.00  Reaudit price $188.00


Join me on the Radio

Have a question–get an answer

Tonights topic is on the 2012 Saga–Is the world ending or not?

Check out the link for more information on how to join tonights call.

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Breakthru: Leading the Change

People do not change, at least not for long. And the thing is, it is not your fault. Learn why we do not change and how many people in the world are now using proven behavioral styles to change not only how they think but how they become successful.

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