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When people talk about other people to you, you know they will talk about you to other people. And it hurts when they gossip.

Who does it hurt? Everyone!

So take the next day and simply stop gossipping! Have a NO gossip day.

Gossip is justified judgment. And it hurts worse than a sword.

Gossip is talking about someone behind their back.

And EVERYONE who talks to you about someone else, is talking about you to someone else.

Here are some results of gossip.

Friendships end. Respect is lost. Divorce settles in. Kids learn how to gossip.And your energy goes down.

Your self respect goes down for you.

So is talking about someone else in a negative way worth your own self respect.

Not to me it is not.

The old adage, “If you cannot say something nice, do not say it at all” comes into play.

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