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We want to make a difference. We want to make more money. We want to want more. We want to have better friends and family. We want to create a peaceful life.

And it seems that a lot of us simply want. And wanting leads to …….frustration, anxiety, depression, and for some the next want.

So how do we set goals that make sense, the create the life we want. that inspire us, that allow us to be creative and to be the person we are truly meant to be.

We stop, we meditate, we ask the question, we get real with the answer, and we become aware of what is really going on.

And best of all, we understand that who and what we are today is enough. And that tomorrow we will be different. And that how I think today will create my future.

Getting real, getting grounded, and getting peaceful are the keys to great goal setting.

Most of us set goals that actually compete with our beliefs and we wonder why we do not hit them or when we do we wonder why we are not happy.

So when you are looking at setting a goal for 2013, get real with what you really want. Most people do not really want to be rich and famous, they want to be peaceful.

Get some support in goal setting. Actually set a goal. Many have chosen to not set them anymore for they do not hit them. So set a goal. Get some help either with an accountability or a solutions life coach. More on choosing a life coach later on in this series.

Start small and hit the goal. And most of all celebrate when you hit it. We do not acknowledge ourselves when we do things we say we are going to do, so go ahead, celebrate!


If we can think it, we can do it, at least that is what some may say.

Remember when you were 6 and you were going to be a fireman, a doctor or nurse, or a superhero. It was so much fun thinking you could hear like the Bionic woman or be as strong as the Bionic man. So much passion, so much energy, so much excitement for the love of the imagination, of what could be.

But to watch the human race, the imagination is something that needs to be controlled, to be managed, or to be anialated.

So what happened? We grew up. We started to buy into the limiting beliefs that our ego likes to tell us. We also started to believe what other people thought. We bought into the mortgage and the responsibility and the marriage and the kids.

And our imagination flew out the window as well as our passion, our excitement, our possibilities. And it left us where?

In the hum drum of complacency, of boring, of the same old same old.  For some this might be okay, for others it is what it is, for others it might be a wake up call.

Without coming from judgment, it is fine wherever you come from. My  point is to remember the 6 year old, remember the passion,the excitement, the fire of being good enough to be in a rock band with the pots and pans.

And smile.

Want to find that spark again, the ignition of the fun and passion of the child, contact to find out how to ingnite that spark today.

Family is important to accept.

I was at Costco today and I ran into a relative of mine that I spent much of my childhood admiring. And we had a talk in the cold parking lot for about an hour.

I left that conversation feeling more connected to her than I have for twenty years.  I understood her and I felt understood.

So why did the 20 years of little communication even happen?

Because family does what family does. We judge, we criticize and we manipulate. We envy our brother. We are mean to our sister. We blame and we feel justified in what we do. We say something that is hurtful, they take exception, and a fight ensues, and then a grudge, and then resentment, and then silence.

When a funeral comes up, we get together. Other than that communication is limited.

And all we want is to love, to be loved and accepted. So as we go into the holiday season allow yourself to accept those who chose to live this life with you whether they are close or not. If they are close, keep them close. If they are not as close as you would like do something about it or simply accept them for who they are.

And above all else, remember that this beautiful spirit was chosen by you.You do not have to agree with them, you do not have to understand them, and you do not have to be with them for a long time. You do get to send them love for choosing you to be a part of their family, a part of your life even if for a short time. What you may not realize is that if you hold onto the resentment, it is the same as throwing mud on them. In fact much is better for it can be washed off.  The energetic mud you throw in the form of negative thinking is so harmful. it can cause harm.

Accept your family for who they are and allow some calmness for the holiday season.

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