Too often in our busy world, our mind chatter is telling us some very interesting key points.

1. I need to do something else other than what I am doing

2. I need to do it faster than how I am doing it right now.

3. I need to do it better than anyone else.

And all of this to grab a brass ring that only you can really see.

So is this effective behavior?

I suppose at one level it satisfies the need to be busy, to be distracted, or to be needed. But does it really work?

Talk to those that are dying and they will tell you that work is not the most important thing, that friends and family are, and that doing what they loved to do was key to a healthy life.

And YET we  still go after the brass ring that only you can see.

So that answer to this every busy dilemma, stop and smell the roses. Stop and hug a child. Stop an do something nice for an old friend. Stop and do something nice for you.

In other words, simply stop for a few moments and enjoy the blessings you have. Life is not about an accumulation of stuff that as you get older, you throw out.

One other point to ponder throughout this day. Say to yourself, I am enough! With what I know today, I am enough.

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In our me, myself, and I world,  a hug goes a long way.  I remember seeing a sign that read Free Hugs downtonw Vancouver, a group of people simply giving hugs to anyone and everyone. What a great day to spend time giving a hug to people, spreading a beautiful energy.

My granddaughter Jennelle at age two gives a full body hug with all the gusto she can muster in her little body. I love her hugs.  She reminds me how physical touch is so important. It gets you out of the thinking, the analysis, the everyday.

We are told often to be kind to each other, to treat our neighbour like we would like to be treated.  To give of ourselves to others.   To be a leader. To be nice. To be authentic. To be true to ourself.

And yet we fail to realize that when we hurt one person we are hurting many, when we hurt ourself, we are hurting others, when we choose to be silent or vocal, we are hurting many, when we are simply about the me, myself and I, we are in pain and we are hurting many around us.

So give those close to you a hug.



And Guess where the Money IS?


In business we make decisions, that is what we do. Sometimes however I see business owners do some things that are deadly to their business. They fight, go into flight, or they freeze when faced with difficult decisions. And what most do not understand is that the money is made in the difficult decisions.


The fight comes in when you have fear of the outcome. when you make a decision and take responsibility for the actions, you do not need to fight. Take responsibility for your actions and your business.

Flight is when we check out, we do everything else instead of being focussed on the solution to the situation. Make a decision and be okay with it. When we get in the analysis, we tend to become paralyzed. When this happens it is much more fun to watch tv, clean the office, exercise, sleep, and everything else that supports the avoidance of the situation.  A “wrong” decision only happens when no decision is made which is a decision–to avoid your business.

Freeze is the time when we are stuck with our hands in mid air, our eyes fixated, and we are not moving. The deer in the headlights look, the time when we simply do nothing but stare at the wall,  or we talk randomly about everything but what we are wanting to do. It serves no one and ends up in lost self respect.

All of these responses waste precious energy that could be used to create more revenue, more sales, and increase morale in the company.

So how do you solve the ancient DNA energy draining automatic response.

The first thing you do is be aware of the times you are in fight or flight or freeze. Most people forget to look at what is really going on, they plunge head on into the water and wonder why they got wet. So be aware of what is happening.

The next thing is to look at the options. Pros and Cons of the situation. Write the list of pros and cons.

Take action and be okay to change your mind if it is not working.

Do the hard things first. If you have a difficult call to make or task to do, do that first thing in the morning.

Be kind to yourself. As business owners we make tough decisions that is what makes us the leaders in our industry. Give yourself a break.

Understand the life rule–I made the best decision I could with what I knew then and I am okay with that.