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Life matters….so live it!

How often today have you taken life for granted?

How often today have you taken the people around you for granted?

As I sit in wait for the birth of our fifth grandchild watching the people coming and going around the hospital I think about how easy it is to take it all for granted. How many of them thought they would be in the hospital today?

So that being the case, how are you living? How are you really living this life? Are you doing what you want to do? Are you living this life with passion?

If not why not?

I was at a celebration of life and the minister was very excited to talk about death since it appeared to him that most people do not like to talk about it. I am all for talking about death, at least as much as I am about living life. Death is not to be envied as this man tried to explain, but to be honoured for the part of life it has, for the part it plays.

So ask the question and answer it too. There is a role in this life to play. What is your role? What is your part?

And then allow yourself to live life! One day at a time. one minute at a time, and perhaps one second at a time. And really allow yourself to live.

Ever been rejected? Been told that you are not the one? Been told that they do not want to have anything to do with your business or company?

Rejection should not be a problem right? For half of you, the physical communicator, rejection will be the worst thing you will ever experience.

That part of the rational mind would say that the event was fine, that there are reasons why he or she wants to do what they do and that it has nothing to do with you.

The ego part of you tells a whole different story. It says that they really do not like you, that you are better off dead, that you have no value to them and that you are really not pretty or handsome after all or your business sucks.

In fact when the ego is rejected, it creates a whole story to protect you. It creates a whole network of excuses, rationalizations, and get backs–that is what you are going to do to show them–ie unfriend them on facebook– to protect you.

Here are the goods on rejection. NO one can reject you. Only you can reject you. People who unfriend you do so because of something going on for them. People who dump you not because of you but because of them. People do not do business with you because they think they can do it better than you and perhaps they can but still not about you.

This was a hard lesson for me to learn. I thought people hated me at times when I did something different but in actuality it was the opposite. They hated that they could not do it themselves.

So when you are feeling rejected remember these wise words. It is not always about you.

Congratulations to the Winner!

Another competition. Another person to win. Another person to lose.

So is competition healthy?

Is competition part of the human psyche that makes or breaks us?

After years of studying the competition act, I find that competition leads to something far more dangerous and more acceptable than we think.

It leads to discovery, to peace, to a solid foundation. It also leads to war, to discord, to judgment.

And the ego loves to have its way, so subtle that it can be. And what is scary is most people are not aware of how subtle the ego actually is until later.

So what to do with competition. Stop it. Play with it. Create more of it.

Competition needs to be put in its place. Too often we think we are better than or less than when we do not achieve what we want or when we do achieve what we want.

That story you tell yourself is where the problem lies. You actually believe if you lose, you are reinforcing the I am not good enough program. You actually believe if you win that you are good enough. Neither is true.

Your default program will kick in wanting approval at one point or another. It does not go away, not easily.

You are not the competition. You are not the loser or the winner. You are a wonderful human spirit who is active in your game of life. And above all you are enough being you.

Isn’t it time we acknowledge ourselves for being amazing people, all of us? Instead of tearing each other down with competition, with judgments, or with pain?

So why play Russian roulette with your psyche.

Do you remember the last time you woke up really happy?

I do, it was this morning. I am simply happy. Happy and grateful.

And that was not always the case. In fact, happy was for others, grateful was for those who had nothing better to do.

Check out the video that describes the class that turned my life around, that supported me in the journey of being happy.

To register for the next class happening on September 13-15 in Burnaby please go to

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