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Does goal setting work in the traditional way we have been doing it?

Is goal setting only an instrument to make us look good in the views of others?

What is the purpose of goal setting?

When goal setting is done in a group setting, is it possible that people set goals to make them look good in the eyes of the facilitators or their peers?

Too often we set goals to look good in our eyes, but also in the eyes of others such as our mentors and peers.

Goal setting today has to stretch further than it has ever stretched. We have so many answers online and offline about our psyche and the way we work.

Many goal setting programs today are run to assist the ego in rearranging the furniture. They are great for pushing you to achieve something but they are not good for lasting change.

Someone told me a story about a gentlemen who learned to fly even though he did not like planes and almost died flying his plane home. All because his boss had a plane. I remember doing this. I remember trying to fit in with my boss by buying a Coach purse. When I told her it was a Coach purse, she questioned because I did not like the typical labelling on it. That was all about looking good and back then, I did it because I thought if I did what she did, I would be successful like her. The fake it till you make it phrase that has our world full of fakes that never make it for they are not sure where they are going.

What I found out was that to be her I would lose me. To be someone you are not, you lose a part of who you are.  So who are you?

If everyone was rich and beautiful who would actually get the work done? The rich and beautiful need the people who will serve for them to be rich and beautiful.

I know for me I am a work in progress. I allow my self to discover who I am, to begin to see that perhaps i can improve this or that. I know without a doubt what I stand for. I realize now I did not know that although I said it.

Our 90 day Coaching program and our Leadership Training Program do not support looking good programs. Actually none of our courses do. I do not care what type of car you drive, what type of house you live in. I do care that is you are following your path of life, that you are being you.

To find out more about our up and coming courses please call Corinne at 604-544-6644





Many of us want to make a difference.

Many of want to know that the life we led had meaning.

So how do we do that?

Do we go back to school? Get a degree? Get a new career? Go to a third world country?

All of these are good. There is another alternative.

Make a difference in your own country, in your community, in your family or workplace.

How can you do that?

To begin with, take stock of what you have done in your life. What are the challenges you have overcome? What are the special things or moments you are proud of? Write them down.

What have you become really good at? What do you want to be really good at?

Today, there is more of a need for Life Coaches than ever before. And the life coaching I am talking about is the kind of person who cares about others success, who wants people to succeed, and who have been through a little life.

The teachers of today are people who have lived through some challenges, who have come out on the other side, who can contribute not only their education but their experience as well.

So if you are looking at Life Coaching Programs, you will want to learn life coaching from someone who is the same as you, had some challenges in life, who can train you to be an effective coach, not from a website or online, but up close and personal.

This is only one of the reasons YOU Seminars is a great choice for your Life Coaching Program. We start off with coaching you, for one of the basis of our program is that if you are not coachable, you should not be a coach. Second, you receive the inside scoop of coaching you so you actually know what to do. We spend three months training you how to hone your skills, how to hone your own life so that you can support those around you.

If this sounds like this is for you, please call Corinne for a free consultation at 604-544-6644.




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