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Have you ever looked at someone else and think that they have everything? That their life is perfect and so lucky in life?

And why is your life such a mess or not as good as that person?

Why do you get to struggle?

Why is your marriage over when they look so happy?

Why do they have financial success and you do not?

The comparison card is such a slippery slope to travel when your self esteem is not at its highest.

Here are few tips on how to combat the I am not good enough program that everyone seems to have at one point in their life.

1. Be grateful for what you have. You are probably in a different place than you were a year ago and you will be in a different place in a year from now.

2. Understand that everything is a cycle. And you are in the cycle that you are in as the people you envy are also in a cycle.

3. We all will have a challenge to overcome in this lifetime that will support us in not doing everything by ourselves. At one point in your life you will need support from someone else and you will be given an opportunity to give support as well.

4. This lifetime is all about balance. As prosperous as one is, there will be a time of void as well. One cannot have one without the other.

5. Be okay with your lot in life. Trying to change something you cannot change is stupidity. “God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.” Is one of the most powerful verses I have ever read and applied in my life. There are some things that positive thinking will not change such as my height or the disease I just got diagnosed with. I can change how I deal with it.

6. When you find yourself in envy, send love to the person you are envious over. They have what you want which shows you it is possible. Thank them for showing you that these things are possible.

And above all else, understand that you are enough in this lifetime and that you have come here to do something. And you will. It will not look like anyone else and it should not for you are you and they are them. And it is enough to be who you are.

Funny how I see things differently as I go through life.

At one time, a coach purse was the thing to have, a nice house, a great car and diamond jewellery for every day of the week.

What I know today is that although some of those things are nice, I got them because someone else had them and I felt a little pressure to be like them.

Those people are long gone. Those people are still trying to get others to amass debt to be part of the crowd. But they are not my crowd.

I live this life. I used to be so good at figuring how to make do with things I had, to be grateful for the things I had. Now I find it much too easy to simply go and buy something new.

So I am doing a thirty day challenge of using what I have, or being aware of what I have and what I do not use in the next 30 days will be donated.

I want to be aware of what I am doing not reacting because of one thing or another. I really want to experience everything that I choose to experience.

I do not want to live this life afraid to say one thing because is might be taken the wrong way or say something that might be hurtful and not even know it.

And I do think having stuff makes me a slave to more stuff. And worse what you think of me having stuff or not having stuff makes me a slave to you.

Not today.

In light of what has happened to people all around the world with fires and flood where they have lost everything, it seems that if we shared what we had, everyone would have enough.

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