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IMG_3348I remember the first time I took a Personal Development Class that was not AA related. It was magical. And I chose to change my life.

I was pretty tired of being angry, pissy, that girl who had an edge, that woman who was not really liked.

I wanted my marriage to work.

I wanted my children home with me.

I wanted my work to matter even just to me. At the time I had just got laid off from my position where I looked after a 6.2 milion dollars of Floral Sales.

I wanted to feel like my life had meaning.

I wanted to not feel guilty for not always being there for my mom and my brother who had just finished a 72 day murder trial.

And that journey which had already begun, continued.

I was always goal driven but it seemed that I liked to do things the hard way. Always starting at the bottom and working to the top.

My life began to change not because of a class I took, because of the way I applied the knowledge I learned in the class. And to this day, I apply the knowledge that I learn works.

That is really what the Cornerstone is about, becoming aware of the knowledge and then applying the knowledge.

We all know not to eat high sugar but how many of us actually apply that principle.

So when I decided to start the Cornerstone, it was really an opportunity to let people apply the knowledge they already know in a different way that allows them to stick to it.

The Cornerstone is also about congruency. What you see is what you get. Real hard core life happens in the everyday. Not to be dismissed. But to be used as education.


To learn more about the Cornerstone simply go to Cornerstone Class Page

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