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A Coach's Journey


Take your career to the next level.  Personal and Business Coaching is awesome and when you add Hypnotherapy and Relaxation, the results you will achieve are extraordinary.

Have you ever thought of being a coach?

How about being a great coach that inspires people to live an extraorinary life?

A Coach’s Journey teaches you how to be an amazing coach and relaxation specialist, inspiringmany to go after their dreams. to get out of their own way and to love life!

Sounds hokey? A bit but the truth is I wake up every day glad to do what I do, supporting people to live the life they really want to live, AND I get paid to do it.

Become a Professional and Personal Life Coach with hypnotic twist today!


Take your Career to the Next Level

Personal and Professional coaching

You will learn how to change from the inside out. You will not talk about your problems, you will find out where they come from and then you will do the same for others.

Use what you already know

You already have a niche, it is called what you have been through and survived and now thrived. Now you can help others. What a great way to know you are making a difference?

Market your plan

  Marketing is not difficult when you have a plan and you have a great product and you have a great plan. We help you with that. Getting to the heart of what stops you is just the beginning

From Our Founder

Make Your Own Opportunities

You create your own career. I was tired of making a lot of money for other people and not being taken seriously. So I started  my own coaching program back in 2007 when I left the corporate world.

I left the corporate world because I wanted to make a difference, a real difference where integrity meant something, where people could count on themselves to be accountable.

That is how YOU Seminars was born. YOU stands for Your Own Uniqueness. Each one of us is unique, time to really shine


Become a Coach

Getting serious about your business requires a solid business leader who sees things as they are and how they canbe.

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