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Hypnosis is a relaxed state of mind where the body is asleep, but the mind is completely alert. It is known as a peculiar state of mind. It is a relaxed states where you can allow your mind to drift back to memories or experiences that you would not have been able to access in a conscious mindset.

Something, I find beneficial in Hypnosis is called the Child Rescue; it is where we go back to an event that occurred when a client was younger. Once the memory is discovered, I will guide the client to remain calm, take deep breaths and rise above the scene, if necessary. Once the client has described the scene, the client will be guided to use a present-day version of themselves and go into the scene and hug the younger self. The client will be guided to reassure themselves that what they went through is an experience that occurred; however, now is the time to heal and forgive. Using Hypnosis there are several techniques used to guide the client to release the not so positive emotions. This gives the client the understanding that it is an event that occurred and will not be forgotten, but simply will no longer have the negative emotions attached to the event.

In Hypnosis, I do not remove memories, I simply guide the client to bring emotions to the surface and then we work together to release negative emotions. In hypnotherapy I have a permissive approach and those that have been hypnotized by me, described it as a warm and gentle exploration of some cold and dark areas.

Also, with Hypnosis we use a technique that will allow you to release dopamine on command simply by using a breathing exercise. Imagine something unexpected or stressful just occured and then being able to take a few deep breaths releasing dopamine, calming you to be able to handle the situaiton with confidence.

Not to mention the best part of being hypnotized by me is that at the end of every session, I put a disclaimer that no one including myself, will be able to hypnotize you without your consent. Imagine no more impulse shopping by a flashy As-Seen-On-TV ad, using hypnosis without your permission. Advertisers will not be happy with this, and honestly it is imperative to have permission for hypnosis, and marketers will have to use something else to lure buyers.

If Hypnosis sounds like something you would like to experience and work on any of the areas, Please feel free to contact me and we can discuss what we can work on and when.

Thank you very much for reading this and taking the time to consider Hypnosis.

















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