It can be paralyzing. It can stop you from making any decision, good or bad. It can stop you from having the life you really want.

And there is not much you can do about it.

Or is there?

Normally what we do is pretend it is not there. Or we get angry at things that are completely irrelevant. Or we blame others when things do not go our way.

The reason this stops you is because the need to control everything is so great that we will not go into the unknown. We control everything. We take little risks.

And in the process we forget to live our life, to really live our life.

We stay safe. We hide from things we really want. We forget to dream. We lose sight of who we really are.

One may have a hard time discovering whether this is the case or not. How do you know?

If you blame others, if you think you are letting life pass you by, if you have a hard time making a decision, or if you feel like you must be in control, then perhaps the fear of the unknown has you in its clutches.

Here are few tips to begin to solve this.

1. Realize that this is what you are doing
2. Start today by doing one thing that supports knowing besides controlling, take a small risk, such as driving differently to work, wearing a new colour, and build on those successes.
3. Get an accountability partner that will support you in being more flow with, not so controlling.
4. Hire a good coach who will see you through this.

The Fear of the Unknown is a scary proposition. One can overcome it by beginning to live life in a way that is very liberating.

The Cornerstone is a great beginning to a journey of understanding that the unknown will never stop you again.

About Corinne

Corinne Ropp, director of YOU Seminars, has helped thousands of people both in her clinical hypnotherapy practice and in her business and coaching practice. He no nonsense practical approach to healing and living this life in the most amazing way.

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