Today I am anxious. Not overly just noticeable. I was not until yesterday.

I slept well. I exercised and I meditated. I even put myself into a light trance.

And still when you know you have an appointment with breast health for the mammogram and ultrasound you had yesterday because of the lump you found a couple weeks ago, there are anxious moments.

Some would tell me, including myself to give it over to God, that there is nothing one can do until one has the results.

Others may tell me their story.

All I want is the results to be given so then I can know what to do.

Anxiety is caused by not knowing what to do.

So as I write this, I realize that I am enjoying the anxious moment. It really is interesting. I love being able to feel. There was a time in my life where nothing was allowed in.

And so now I go to my 9 am appointment knowing I have done everything I can think of.

I have done one thing that is amazing. I have not wasted two weeks on the possibility of a bad result. One hour. And for that I am grateful.

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Corinne Ropp, director of YOU Seminars, has helped thousands of people both in her clinical hypnotherapy practice and in her business and coaching practice. He no nonsense practical approach to healing and living this life in the most amazing way.

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