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The Journey of Abundance

Your 40 day Meditation program that leads you to abundance.

Listen to the Introduction and then join us on a journey of receiving abundance.

About  the

Journey of Abundance

Th Journey of Abundance is a unique process that allows you to understand what abundance and relaxation is. We are so busy doing that being becomes mute. 

Your Journey of Abundance Starts the moment you Choose In

2021 is challenging. This process of connecting with the abundant part of you will see you have solutions that you did not think possible. You are abundant. It is time to receive that abundance in your life.

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Meet The Host

Corinne Ropp

Corinne Ropp

Corinne, the founder of YOU Seminars loves meditation and hypnotherapy especially when it supports her clients to really understand abundance. Teaching meditation and hypnotherapy for over 13 years, Corinne brings a unique approach to the practice side of the science of metaphysics. Join us for a wonderful 40 day celebration of you.