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One on One Hypnotherapy and Coaching

Corinne Ropp is the expert in Hypnotherapy and Coaching. She becomes your accountability partner, trained to support you to change from the inside out.

You will never solve your problem with the same mind that created it. It takes a different mind set.

So how does that happen?

Allowing the Conscious mind and the Subconscious mind to have to same message is critical to supporting change. That is where hypnotherapy comes in. For example, if there is a belief system that stems from childhood that it is hard to get money or it is the root of all evil, then every time you get money, it slips through your hands and you wonder why? The subconscious will always override the conscious mind. In hypnotherapy we make the changes in the subconscious mind creating a different default.

To support change on the conscious level, Corinne developed a program called the Empowering Change Coaching Program. In addition to hypnotherapy, this coaching program works in tandem, supporting you make the changes the necessary and to ensure that the changes are permanent in the conscious mind.

This program is designed from 20 years of studying and coaching people in business and in personal.

If you want a private session with Corinne, a 10 minute phone consult is required before booking a session. This consult is free.

For the month of August, Corinne will be in Kelowna conducting sessions on Sunday.

Starting July 20, New Leaf Wellness Center will be taking bookings for Thursday Afternoon Sessions in Abbotsford.  Simply go to New Leaf Calendar to book either a 10 minute phone consultation or a full session

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