My ability to see what is possible, to expand my mind, my spirit, my soul, my way of thinking, my emotional depth, and above all else, my spiritual connection not just with God but with everyone around me.

Everything that has happened so far has led you to a possibility that there is a possibility.

And most miss the fact that there is even that hope of a possibility.

Until they are challenged, until they have something to get righteous about, until something goes wrong.

It is so interesting when I think of all the courses I have taken in my lifetime to attain the PhD status, or even the personal development courses  I have spent over 100 grand on. And for some time I questioned whether it was even worth it.

And now I know the answer to that.  Yes it was.

Here is what I mean.

The courses I have taken have all provided me with an education that is unique to me. And all of them have allowed me to open up to the possibility for me.

I was asked about a seminar company that I was affiliated with for 6 years.  Even I had problems with my saying I worked there for I looked at the leaders of the company and some did not even come close to resemble what they preached about and I could not understand why that bothered me. It bothered me because I was in judgment. I was looking for the leaders to show their true colours, which I was sure was opposite to what they talked about.

I did not yet understand that their job was not to be in  integrity by my standards, their job was to teach me that the possibility of integrity was available. Their job was to show me that wealth was a possibility. Their job was to open me up to see, not them, but me, the possibility of me.

And all I could do at the time was judge them.  I now know different. Their integrity or lack of integrity is not my judgment to own, it is theirs.

And so did the church. The church where I grew up was rife with all kinds of problems and judgments. And I left when the judgment of me was hurtful and personal. But their job was to simply open me up to the possibility, the possbility of me.

Taking T. Harv Eker’s course was about a set of rules that I needed to follow to be a successful trainer. What I left with was the possibility of even being one.

Recently I hired a coach/mentor. He was the first person who said I could bring my company to 1.3 million by December 2018. He opened me to the possibility of even doing that. That is a great mentor. He did not even know much about my business. What he did know is that if I could accept the possibility, I could accept the reality.

Many people will talk the good talk, but when it comes to actions, it is usually a different story.

What is possible for you? And everything is not the answer. You have a specific skill set unique to you that has led you to the possibilty, what is possible for you.

If you are still saying, I cannot do this or that, or I wish I had more money or time, spending a lot of time with businesses that only make others rich, or avoiding your life, then the your have limited the possible.

Take one step into the possible. Just one!

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Corinne Ropp, director of YOU Seminars, has helped thousands of people both in her clinical hypnotherapy practice and in her business and coaching practice. He no nonsense practical approach to healing and living this life in the most amazing way.

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