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Tobacco Free for Life

You have tried quitting. Cigarettes seem to get the best of you. Now is the time to get the best of them. Did you know that the cigarette industry is the one of the best marketing plans, you have been lied to for decades

It is not sexy to smoke!

It is not cool to smoke!

Cigarettes will keep you a slave

$500.00 a month on cigarettes is the vacation you never thought you could afford.

Can someone really quit smoking using hypnotherapy?

Hypnotherapy has been used to start people smoking-remember the great cigarette ads that made it look sexy and cool?  That was a hypnotic suggestion that many people bought. So it only makes sense that hypnotherapy can do the reverse. 

In 2 sessions, one can be free of cigarettes

I our 2 Session Program, Tobacco Free For Life, you too can be free of the slavery of cigarettes. 

Does it work with everyone?

Everyone who really wants to quit smoking will quit using hypnotherapy. In our first conversation you will know for sure if this is what you really want.

I have tried everything? How will this work?

First of all, so did I try everything. And nothing seemed to keep me off cigarettes. It was like my friend. Hypnosis allowed me to relax and see that I could be free of the friend that was killing me.

Will I gain weight?

You will likely gain a few pounds as your body adjusts but then your love of water will kick in and you will shed that weight as well

Will I be miserable?

You will not be miserable because you are not smoking.  We do have some exercises for you to do that will keep you calm and relaxed.

About Me

Corinne  quit smoking in 2005.  Finally!

Hypnotherapy is probably the best way to quit smoking as it works from the inside out. It works with the belief system that states


“That was so easy!”  Shelley

“Best decision to quit smoking. I could still feel the habit of smoking but the withdrawal was minimal and it was painless.”  J.P.

“There was no yelling and screaming, just drinking a lot of water. Love being tobacco free for life.”  G.

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tobacco Free for Life

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A spiritual connection. Meditate and hypnosis and relaxation in one class. 

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