Life Coaching 3Tired of having surface relationships in your life?

No one seem to have your back?

Fighting with your significant other wishing it was different?

Or worse, only attract relationships that are not available?

The Cornerstone is a class that prepares you for the right relationship for you and helps you be the person who will be successful in your relationships.

This is not a class where you get to get something.

This is not a class where we are going to tell you that you are wrong and need to be fixed.

Most everyone has difficulty with relationships in their life, either with themselves or with others. So we are only focused on the solution of having great relationships first with you and then with those that matter to you.

If all you focus on is what you can get, then all you will get is stuff that is outside of you.

The next Cornerstone is on November 19 and 20, 2016. It is the last one of the year. The next one is scheduled for February

To find out more about this please go to Cornerstone Page

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