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Why meditate or practice hypnosis?

Meditation Class since 2004

Corinne Ropp has been holding Meditation Circle since 2004

For more than 18 years, Corinne Ropp have been making a difference in peoples lives. You can change your life with professional hypnosis and life-coaching, and go on to change the lives of others!

Learn how to become a hypnotherapist

Do YOU want to help others make lasting change? YOU Academy offers the required courses to fulfill the requirements to become an ICBCH Certified Professional Hypnotists and and IMDHA Certified Hypnotist. Learn how you can take approved training on our hybrid online and offline learning programs.

About Corinne Ropp

A recognized expert in professional hypnosis, life-coaching, and personal development. When you schedule your private sessions with her, you are scheduling with the person who has trained the others! If you take training with Corinne, you are taking a course from someone who is actually doing the work of coaching and hypnosis. You will be learning what works from personal experience, and from someone who is a leader in the profession.

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Major Professional Association Endorsements

Corinne is a Certified Hypnosis Instructor and Member of All Major Professional Associations.
British Columbia Hypnosis Training. 

Expert Classical Hypnosis Services

Certified Professional Hypnotist who trains other professionals. When you schedule your session with Corinne, you are scheduling with a recognized expert! British Columbia Hypnosis Training.

Seminars and Teaching

Learn about hypnosis certification and training, keynote speaking, and seminars.

Individual Sessions

Discover how you can make lasting change with hypnotherapy and life-coaching services.

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