The Online Sacred Nest Weekly Meditations for the Soul

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You love to live your life grounded and connected to Spirit within you.
You love to be around like minded people!
You want to learn how to trust your own Power!

From the comfort of your home but within the energy space of your like minded peeps, one can meditate and love the light within.

Corinne and her daughter Ashlee, an intuitive hypnotherapy with a sassy humour and a big heart conduct meditation class. The two of them bring a sense of wisdom and playfulness to the session that allows you to relax, unwind and let go of the stress of the week and dive in to some play and some real solutions.

Why meditate or practice hypnosis?

Meditation Class since 2004

Corinne has been holding Meditation Circle since 2004

For more than 18 years, Corinne Ropp have been making a difference in peoples lives. You can change your life with professional hypnosis and life-coaching, and go on to change the lives of others!

I can remember starting my own meditation circle in my house with 5 of my friends. I was so nervous but I knew this was part of my path. At that time I had sat in circle with a beautiful and talented First Nations Medium for 2 years. She taught me many things about the guidance of Spirit, how to integrate the different ascended masters and angels, and really how to live my life as a whole complete person. The grounded healing that was done in those circles continues in my own circle.  

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Meditation Classes

Meditation Classes

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About Corinne Ropp and Ashlee Bennett

A recognized expert in professional hypnosis, life-coaching, and personal development. When you schedule your private sessions with her, you are scheduling with the person who has trained the others! If you take training with Corinne, you are taking a course from someone who is actually doing the work of coaching and hypnosis. You will be learning what works from personal experience, and from someone who is a leader in the profession.

Ashlee Bennett is highly intuitive hypnotherapist which allows for Spirit to speak through her in a beautiful way. Her imagination, her sass, and her heart allow for a light to shine very brightly.

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