For Elite Lending et al!

One of the BEST classes for Personal  and Professional Growth

Ever wonder why you keep doing the same thing over and over again?

Have you finally figured out that this lifetime is much more than money and prestige?

(although those are great)

Are you ready to take yourself to a whole new level of YOURSELF?

AND are you willing to help someone else do the same?

77 Days of taking yourself on in a whole new way!

Taking your business to a whole new place!

Imagine being able to create what you want, when you want easily and effortlessly!

Already do that? Now let us take it to a whole new level. The Journey is not designed to make you DO more, it is designed for you to BE more aware of what is really going on in your world. 

Trust, Accept, and Love Yourself.

Those three components are the cornerstone of the Journey Class. When you can trust yourself, accept yourself, and love yourself, you really are unstoppable. Utilizing this concept with the concept of hard work, commitment and integrity, you will sail to heights you have never sailed to before.

YOU Coaching

How it Works? Imagine in 90 Days being able to achieve a goal that you never thought possible! And you did it easily and effortlessly. The Journey is designed to support you to create the life you want, to take you to higher levels that you did not think you could. And you can do it any time you like, even after the course.

BECAUSE you will remove the blocks that stopped you in the first place.

Hypnosis, meditation, personal coaching, and the support of your team, you will create amazing results in your life.

September 2022 Schedule

September 17,2022       9 am to 6 pm
September 18,2022      9 am to 6 pm
October 15,2022            9 am to 6 pm
October 16,2022            9 am to 6 pm
November 12,2022       9 am to 6 pm
November 13,2022       9 am to 6 pm
November 27,2022      9 am to 9pm

Every Wednesday night starting September 21,2022 between 7 and 9 pm, there will be an accountability call as well as a motivational coaching conversation. You will not want to miss these sessions.



Getting your goals, connecting with your team ensuring they get their goals, and then giving back to the community that supports you everyday. Win Win Win. 

Tell Me Where To Send Your Free Self-Hypnosis Guide Book:

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Tell Me Where To Send Your Free Self-Hypnosis Guide Book:

I will email you access immediately!