Counselling can help with sorting out your Stuff

Talking to Corinne a Registered Therapeutic Counsellor can help you come to a solution.

Talking to someone helps

Sometimes talking to someone who will not judge you or has no agenda is helpful. A skilled counsellor will support you simply by really listening.

Empowering change

Counsellors do not diagnose, they support.  Change is not always easy, as a counsellor Corinne can help you create change using many different techniques.

Stress Management

In other words get rid of the stress and live your life the way you want to. We think it is hard but in actuality it is not and we can anchor it in so you control it yourself.

Dealing with Anxiety 

Talking about your problem will give you more problems.  Corinne helps you to develop real life tools that will support you to get out of the anxiety mindset before it takes hold

Relax into an Extraordinary Life

Remembering that you are powerful beyond measure is key to a successful life. Transitions are a part of life. Counselling can help you navigate those transitions

Relaxation, Plan, Action

You must do all three and we help you to be motivated to create your life, your way.  Whether you are concerned with relationships, your career or yourself, Corinne can support.

Corinne is a Registered Therapeutic Counsellor in British Columbia.

Her education from the past, her experiences in life and her education as a counselor help you to navigate to your solution. 

Corinne specializes in anxiety as well as difficult relationship issues. With a background in business as well as personal trauma, Corinne can help you with tools that will support your everyday.

A calm refreshing approach to a solution to what is going on in your life is needed as we navigate this crazy world and Corinne delivers.

  Check with your healthcare provider to see if RTC Counsellor is included in your extended health benefit.

Schedule Your Session Online.

The online schedule will allow you to book a session in hypnotherapy, intuitive coaching or reading where you can meet with me on Zoom worldwide. You will receive a link and a reminder to your email. If you prefer to meet in Coquitlam or Abbotsford , B.C., until June 30,2022. Please check with your healthcare group insurance to see whether Registered Therapeutic counsellors are covered.

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