Intuitive Reading with Corinne

Corinne is an intuitive. She has always been one. She sees things that perhaps you choose not to see.

At 5 years old, Corinne met her imaginary friend, Rodney in her closet. He looked like Ali Baba with balloon pants, a bald head with an earring in his ear.  His job was to protect Corinne from the alligator that were under her bed such an imagination but Corinne would discover later that he was one of her Spirit Guides.

Throughout her life, she has turned the intuitive part off as her family did not like it one bit for religious reasons. In 2002, she turned to  her own spirituality as a result of a loved one who crossed over coming to her in meditation.  She has never looked back. 

Corinne has an ability to tell you what is necessary for you to live this life in the most amazing way. 

When you book a reading with Corinne, you will get to see through the cards she uses, the intuitive hits she gets, and the loving Spiritual team that is communicating with your team.

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