I’m Corinne Ropp

Professional Hypnotherapist and Metaphysical Coach

The therapy that works time and time again.

Clinical Hypnotherapy

Professional Clinical Hypnotherapist, In Person and Online, getting rid of anxiety and pain, on session at a time

Metaphysical Coaching

You can use your intuition in business, in sales, in reading people and when you do, you are unstoppable!

Clinical Hypnotherapy

You can Solve it from the inside out. Hypnotherapy is the fastest way I have found to create permanent change.

Business Coaching

The relationship in business starts with you.  Accountability and no nonsense approach to getting it done.

Stress and Anxiety Buster

Anxiety and depression are caused by stress, we can help

Metaphysical Coaching

Take it to the next level, metaphysics is the foundation of so much of what we do and yet we ignore it. Learn from it.!

What Is Clinical Hypnotherapy?

Clinical Hypnotherapy is for those who want to solve their issues. So much time is spent on talking about things, taking medication and who knows what, that the solution seems elusive. In general, hypnotherapy will provide relaxation and relief from many things on session one.  This communication process will have you understanding you, why you are the way you are and what you can do to support the next level.

Who Is Metaphysical Coaching For?

You know you are meant to be great at your profession and in most cases you are. It is time to go to the next level! This is where I excel. A strong sales background supported me to use that intuitive side to support my business. This is next level and is not “Kooky and Spooky”  Proven metaphysics!How to read people without being invasive will have you scaling your business. 

    What is Hypnotherapy Like?

Hypnotherapy is a science and an art form. What it is has been debated for quite some time but in essence it feels like relaxation and within the relaxation, there is no resistance in the mind or body such that one can create change, once can release the emotional charge one has on the past, and one can release pain. 

1. It is not control, it is empowering.
You cannot be controlled under hypnotherapy. Truthfully, hypnotherapy is a natural process you enter every day. And
2. It is not about telling secrets
What you would say in person, you would say in hypnosis. This is not a truth serum.
3. Getting rid of the emotional baggage
You cannot rewrite history but you can take the sting or the emotion out of it. Hypnotherapy, unlike talk therapy can support the past be the past
4. Hypnosis is just relaxation
Hypnosis goes well beyond relaxation alone in both content and structure. Advanced techniques such as regression need to be done in hypnosis.
5. Not everyone can be hypnotized

Everyone can be hypnotized, although not everyone will have the same experience or be as hypnotizable.  And that is the same for antibiotics. Everyone is different and everyone responds differently.

About Me

I have been in sales for all of my life. By the age of 25 I was selling vacuum cleaners and was the top recruiter in Canada. Talk about great relationship building training.

I moved on to work back in agriculture,  and worked my way to one of the top paid sales people in my profession.

At 35 years of age I changed directions again and took to life coaching and personal development.  For 6 years I coached and trained hundreds of people both in personal development and in internet marketing.

And then I left corporate world and went on my own. I became a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist in  2008 and started my own practice and then started my own hypnotherapy and coaching school in 2014.

All great training being able to read people, know before they do what they need, and support them to get it. Such a time saver. Hypnotherapy is all about solutions and how to get to that part of the concern.



“Best thing I have ever done. So glad to be rid of the anxiety”

“I have fretted over this for a long time and now I know and have no energy on it at all”

“In just a few sessions I was able to breathe again.”

Don’t Wait Any Longer. Start Forging Your Own Path Today!