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Continuing Education- the key to your success


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Success is determined by you, not circumstances, environment, or your past

YOU Seminars has the leadership and training of its educators to help your succeed in business, in relationships, or simply in enjoying your life to the fullest.

Life Adjusting Seminars!

Experiential seminars that allow you to see what is real for you!
For you to support your life, you need to be able to understand and support the real you, not have someone tell you what is what, you need to to tell you.ing!

You can create this life that is extraordinary! NO NEED to wait EVER. We have YOU Seminar experts on hand waiting to answer your questions. Just send us an email and we’ll make sure you swiftly have a solution to your problem.


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The Possibilities With YOU Seminars Are Endless

With YOU Seminars you can create an extraordinary life!


One must lead one’s self before one can lead others effectively.

Living an Extraordinary Life!

Means never saying I cannot, always saying I can!

Breaking Through

Looking for Peace of Mind, the break through to this is close at hand!

Sales-the ultimate connection to forging your own path

It is your life, it is time to live your life, to really live your life.

2016-The Year to Move

You can move, you can create a new life, you can create what you want. It is your year!

Power In Integrity

To be who you are, congruent within yourself is powerful.

Living Life on Purpose:

Your life has meaning, purpose. Are you living it?

The Cornerstone:Understanding your Path

One of the most congruent 3 day courses you will ever take. Life changing, life accepting, and life creating!

Acceptance of your Greatness!

To understand that you truly are one of a kind and that you can accept how great your truly are, in fact when you do, you allow others to do the same.

The Cornerstone Sales Training Course-Getting to know what you didn’t know!

Kicking a** and taking names. All the while having better sales, better communication, better life!

In 2 nights your sales ability will change – guaranteed:


The Cornerstone Sales Training: The Class of Life Leadership!

Leadership is not about looking good, it is about living a life that is extraordinary when no one is watching.

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Leadership that is congruent!

There is nothing worse than going to a seminar where the speaker says one thing and then does another! Who wants to follow that? Not me.

Quiet leadership

Creative Solutions!

Peeling Away the Onion

Solution Oriented


Awareness Training

Selling the easy way!

Revenue that makes sense!

Congruent and Extraordinary!

Want to learn how to be a coach!

Then be coachable and then learn from some of the best coaches that were not just trained in a classroom, but in real life, in real situations. The real life experience will do nothing but support you.

Testimonials: We Set Out to Build A Seminar that Our Customers Would LOVE!

And get results!  There is no point in learning something if it does nothing to help you in your everyday life. We promise that you will see things differently in a way that will support your everyday.