Have you woken up lately asking yourself why your life was passing you by?

And have you done everything you have wanted?

At YOU Seminars our mission is to support you do what you love to do. Whatever that is!

From your business life to your personal life, we help you create a life that works.


Working from the inside out.

To create a peaceful non stress mind, one must learn to relax.  You will not make great decisions in either work or your personal life if you are stressed. The 40 day Meditation Programs are designed to help you create a practice of peaceful communication. Get the Bugs out!  Our past controls our NOW.  Time to let the past go, I mean really go. The Cornerstone, a 3 Day Intensive Class is designed to help you figure out what works, what does not work and helps to create a system that will inspire you to move in a whole new thought process of life.

3 Day Intensive Cornerstone Class

Couple of things you will learn in the Cornerstone Class

  • How to Listen and to Speak so that you are heard
  • How to create support around you
  • How to spend the time in your life so that your life has meaning
  • How to have an attitude of passion and excitement
  • How to know you did not live life wrong
  • How to be peaceful in a chaotic world

Next class September in Coquitlam

The Art of Persuasion

Double your income in the next 3 months!

 Yes, I have heard that before! Really?
Me too. And most of it was too hard, too confusing, too demanding! And did not work!
I have heard many trainers and facilitators talk about how to create a million dollars in a short period of time and perhaps for them, it worked, but then try to teach that to someone else.
I did not want to make a million dollars in a short period of time, I wanted to be successful in my career, in my practice, in my own business. And truthfully a million dollars seemed so far away.

Life Coaching: Is it for YOU?

Coaching is a lifelong dream for many and life coaching is intricate personal work which we at YOU Seminars take seriously.

Find out how you can be an effective life coach without going to school for four years and make a difference too.