Hypnotherapy-the therapy that actually works!

Eliminate Anxiety and Depression Easily and Effortlessly

Tired of using modalities that work for a short period of time or not at all.  This solution based process works without breaking the bank.

Hypnotherapy is centuries old, a communication process that allows you to communicate with the part of you-the subconscious-that can make the change. Thinking about things does not change things, talking about things does not change things, getting to the heart of the matter in the subconscious mind is what can make the change.

Enjoy a rewarding career in Life Coaching!

Learn to support your clients to get great results!

As a coach, your job is to support your client get results.  It is all about your client. There is no room for error.  YOU Coaching Academy is designed to each you how to get your client to change easily and effortlessly using hypnotherapy as well as our unique system.

And the best part is that you will get amazing results in the process. In this program you will be coached by one of our coaches as well learn what they are doing. 

Hypnobirthing – Welcoming your baby

Your baby, your child, the most precious gift……

Our 5 week hypnobirthing program allows you to comfortably and peacefully welcome your baby whether in the comfort of your own home or in the hospital.

Equipped with not only the knowledge of how to relax and ease into the birthing phase, the knowledge of what is happening to your body supports your ease. This class is designed for both mom and dad or birthing partner so that you always feel supported.

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