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Anxiety getting you down, want to know if you are on the right path, or if you simply want to let go of more of the past that stops you from getting what you really want.

YOU Seminars and Corinne Ropp Are Here For You!

For over 16 years Corinne has been helping people get over fears and anxiety, of supporting them to achieve what they really want, and in a way that allows you to live an extraordinary life.

Check out the Weekly Meditation Classes

Enjoy and hour or so of relaxation and connecting the body, mind and spirit in a way that allows you to see your answers- or perhaps the ability to ask the right questions. 

Each Monday night since 2004, our casual relaxation class supports you to get grounded, to connect with your guides and your angels, that allows you to see what you need to see. 

This is Spirit working in real life, not a bunch of fluff that does nothing. Cost is $20.00


The Sacred Nest Community

A tribe of souls who unite to recharge, reconnect, and simply BE.

Meditation classes in Spirit every week. Within the meditation class. you will receive a spiritual message and card from Corinne or Ashlee that will support you in your week. 

This class is designed to support you in grounding your everyday energy, allowing you to feel connected to the Spirit within you.

You will be invited to attend Message night the first Wednesday of every month. Want to communicate with the other side, we can help you to do that. 

Recordings of all of our events are available in Thinkific.

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Intuitive Hypnotherapy Coaching Sessions  =  the perfect balance to change!

Hypnotherapy supports you to let go of the emotions of the past so that you can move into the present.

Coaching allows you to do the actions steps in the present that support your future.

Trusting the intuitive connects them all together so that you know you are doing the right thing.

Is this the year to stop and know how to to get what you really want?

Let go of anxiety, allow peace into your life, recharge your everyday, and let the success of your life become the goal. 

It truly is enough to be who you are!

The Journey  Class

One will do anything better with someone else than alone!

90 Days of concentrated effort on your goals, on getting what you really want without excuses, of adapting in your life, the tools that support you in the long run. 

Set a 90 Day goal and hit it with the help of your team of professionals that really do have your back, the real coaches and therapists without the hype. 

Next Class starts in September 2022.. 

What could you really do in 2023?

Become an Intuitive Coach.

Everyone is a coach of some kind. Some are good and some not so much.

Learn how to become an effective personal and professional coach, whether it is for business or for relationships. When one adds the intuitive part to the coaching program, one really sets the stage for the success of the client.

When you add coaching to the hypnotherapy field, you add revenue to your income but most importantly you add confidence and success to your clients that is easy to see.

Join us in the fall for the next class.


Corinne Ropp

A recognized expert in professional hypnosis, life-coaching, and personal development. 

When you schedule your private sessions with her, you are scheduling with the person who has trained the others! 

When you take training with Corinne, you are taking a course from someone who is actually doing the work of coaching and hypnosis. 

You will be learning what works from personal experience, and from someone who is a leader in the profession.

Major Professional Association Endorsements

Corinne is a Certified Hypnosis Instructor and Member of All Major Professional Associations.
British Columbia Hypnosis Training. 

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