One-On-One Private Hypnosis Sessions Experience The Power of Change

Professional Hypnosis One on One Sessions

There are so many ways to utilize hypnotherapy from the success side in your career, anxiety with raising your children, having a surgical procedure, to working through the transitions in your life and so much more. Hypnosis can help you to simply remove guilt and shame  allowing you to be the success you know you are. 


Your Own Uniqueness is one of the greatest gifts you can share with the world!

Focused on Anxiety

Do you fear the future, or fear relationships, situations, and difficulty? Reach out. I can teach you exactly how to calm the chaos and step into confidence and away from anxiety.

Pain Control

One of the most well researched applications of hypnosis is in pain control. Has nothing worked? Hypnosis can.

Past Life Regression

Some people believe in this, some people do not. This techniques allows you to let go of anything that might be shadowing this lifetime

Relationship Support

Finding yourself in hot water with your partner? I can help you navigate a happy marriage or a happy divorce, you choose.

Become Unstoppable!

Hypnotherapy helps you to remove the blocks that stop you from becoming what you want to become. You can become “unstoppable.” Life is not just a physical game, it is mental. Hypnosis helps you to get out of your own way.

Relax into an Extraordinary Life

Stress is the major cause of disease. Hypnotherapy can help eliminate this easily and effortlessly. We show you the truth about what is really going on and support you to create your magic formula!

Relaxation, Plan, Action

You must do all three and we help you to be motivated to create your life, your way. Acceptance, trust, and love are the pillars we work from to allow you to have peace of mind and success at the same time.

Schedule Your Session Online.

The online schedule will allow you to book a session in hypnotherapy, intuitive coaching or reading where you can meet with me on Zoom worldwide. You will receive a link and a reminder to your email. If you prefer to meet in Coquitlam or Abbotsford , B.C., until June 30,2022.

Corinne has been practicing hypnotherapy in her private practice since 2008 and coaching since 2005. Her professional and caring attitude shows through in her no nonsense approach to helping you get what you want.

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Tell Me Where To Send Your Free Self-Hypnosis Guide Book:

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