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Support of the community is a family affair. To give and to receive with grace is an art form.

And it starts with the supporting the family unit.  As we support our families, we can then support our communities, and then the world.

We love to give of ourselves, it simply feels good when we can support someone else. In Canada we have much to be thankful for.

As children we are taught to share our toys, our possessions. As adults, as we accumulate more, we are taught to protect them. It is an interesting dynamic and yet if we all shared, would not everyone have enough?

It is important to give but it is very important to remember to look after the family unit first, then look out at the community, and then the world.

Our nursing homes are full of people who have no one to visit them or talk to them. To ensure that the elders are looked after is key to family vitality. When we as adults look after the elders, we teach our children how to look after us. Spending quality time at a seniors home is so enlightening.

Another way to support your community is through work. When we have co workers that are going through a hard time, ensure that there is support for them. Lots of single parents struggle with making ends meet particularly if there in a position that the pay is minimal. Give them a hand up when you can.

In a  perfect world, if we all took responsibility for our family memebers, that would be the community support. Sadly that is not always possible due to many reasons. Doing what we can to support our families and then our communities is a great way to balance your life.

At Christmas time we love to give but remember people are in need all year. When you go to the grocery store and your child sees you  buying an extra thing to put in the food bank box, they will think that is normal and will do the same when they get older.

For those that are receiving do so with grace. There is nothing worse than a person receiving something and complaining about that it is not the right colour, or the right brand. The people who give do so with a kind heart, when you receive, do so with a kind heart. Grace, the ability to give and to receive with kindness.

There is nothing in the act of giving that is owed to you, nor do you owe anything so when we can both with grace, we have a community that thrives.

YOU Seminars believes in supporting the community in many different ways from giving of time and money. Whether it is the food bank, blood drive, feeding the homeless, or spending quality time with the seniors, it is all about giving back.

When you give back to the community,the community will give back to you.


Greatness is possible in this lifetime. It is not only possible it is imperative for to you to really understand how powerful you truly are.

So how does one create an amazing life? To begin with one must really figure out what an amazing life is. What would make your life amazing?

Write down a hundred things that would make your life amazing. Do this now before continuing to read anymore.

When I just did this it took some time. I have done this several times before and the difference is that I have completed the best selling book,travelling to the Dominican, financial goals being achieved, so the ante gets raised. As you achieve some of these things you say you want, you get to replace them with new ones.

Now read your list, what did you notice? What I noticed is that after the great car, great job, great relationship, great house, I started to run out of the material things I wanted. I know that some people would get all stoked about 6 cars, and this is fine, it is just not me. Once I have travelled everywhere and had all the toys then what. For me, it started to be about how I could be of service, how I could support our planet in health, how I could support in using my skill as a healer to bring peace to the planet, how will the next generation survive?

This is where we can start to build a vision for your life. Take a look at your list, and move ahead in your mind to when you are 80 years of age. What of these would make you proud? What would make your life have meaning? What on your list would bring emotion to you?

Now write these down on a different page. Look at them and allow them to become a part of you. Go to sleep with them on your mind. Wake up in the morning and journal about them. Think about how you would feel as you have achieved this in your lifetime.

This is your vision for your life.

This is the beginning of what really matters to you. It is not only the cars and the houses that matter, it is the family and friends, the health, the impact you made that starts to make sense to you. The material things are not bad, they are tools to create much more than perhaps even you can imagine now.

Once the vision starts to form, it will be easy to start moving towards that space. A good place to start is to take one thing that is on  your list and set this years goal that resonates with that vision. And then with all the passion, set out to achieve the goal, one day at a time, one year at a time, one lifetime at a time. This is what your life stands for. To say that this matters or does not matter will be mute. It matters because you matter. All the programs in your head that tell you that you can or cannot do this will be gone as you will simply know that you can achieve it. You do not have to, you want to.

If your vision is to have your family around you healthy and happy, a goal to support this would be to spend quality time with them now. If your vision is to have a best selling book that changed millions of lives, a goal may be to write the book. And so on.

One thought, one feeling, one step, one year, one lifetime. Creating and achieving the vision for your life is about action and perseverance. Allow the greatness of you to shine through as you navigate through this life.

Some extra tips of how to achieve goals which support your vision.

Get an accountability partner that is a positive influence that will support your vision.Do not tell people who will rain on your parade. They want you to be like them-visionless.

Get a life coach that has what you want. When choosing a coach  make sure they have accomplished some of their goals.

Start with a smaller goal and start to win. Small wins start a momentum that will create more wins.

Create a vision board complete with pictures of you achieving your vision.

Be committed to you and your vision. It is yours alone. No one is like you, nor is there anyone who will be like you now or ever again. Embrace that fact.

You are enough and you matter. The world is not the same if you were not in it. Your family, your friends, your world would alter if you were not in it. So if you get to be here, why not create the vision you are meant to create.

YOU Seminars has programs that will support you in achieving  your vision. For more information on our programs please email us at


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