Sounds a little Dr Suess to me however when you read it again, it makes sense.

I am who I am because of who I say I am.

Talk about getting rid of the blame, getting rid of the shame, getting rid of the emotions that are tied to our identity. It is hard to blame someone else when the person that talks the worst about you is you.

Say these statements to yourself and notice how you feel as you read them. Which statements make you feel good, which do not.

When I say I am enough, I am.

When I  say I can, I can.

When I say I cannot, I cannot.

When I say I am smart, I am.

When I say I am smart enough, I am.

When I say that I am busy, I am .

When I say that  I am poor, I am.

When I say I do not have the time, I do not.

When I say that I cannot afford it, I cannot.

When I say that I matter, I do.

Notice how you respond to the statements.

Which ones are uplifting?

Which ones drag you down?

What I think about me is what I think about you.

What I think about me is what I think about my children.

Watch how you think for five minutes. Notice what is working and what is not.

And watch the thought process, simply notice.

And then make the changes if you wish.



We all wish for something different in our lives.

Money, Time, Peace of mind, #10 relationships, Fulfilling careers, Great kids, Great body, or Travelling around the world.

When wishes such as these remain wishes, we may as well wish our life away, rationalizing that it is really ALL we can do at the moment. Next year it will be better, next month it will be resolved, next week will be a better week.

There is an easier softer way. Start creating a life where wishes are reality, where dreams really do come true.

And yes it sounds like a fairy tale. And the truth is you can have what you wish for.

But it takes work. And Guidance. And Risk

The Cornerstone is the class that creates the wish list, for those that do not know what they want, and gives you the tools to fulfill the wishes.

This weekend is the Dream come true weekend for you and for your everyone who attends the class.

Imagine ending the year with your wish list in hand, being achieved effortlessly. Imagine starting the year with the ability to create your wishes at will.

Email me at for your registration form. For 288.00 for one or 497 for two, it just may be the difference between wishes fulfiled or wished complete.


As I walk through life, I look at the things I say I want and realize that if I simply look at them, nothing is going to happen. I will continue to look at them. 10  years will go by and I will still look at them. And the excuses will continue to grow, the blame grows, and I start to think that I did not want what I want in the first place.

This is where the lie begins. I get accustomed to not having what I want and in that pain, I decide that I do not really want it.

So, if there is something I want, I must go after them with an urgency that allows it to play out to the fullest. I start today and figure out what I want and go after it NOW.

If I go after my goals with urgency, my goals will be realized with urgency.

If I go after my goals with complacency, my goals will be realized with complacency or not at all.

As a teenager I wanted to do many things. I wanted to be a best selling author, I wanted my black belt, I wanted to drive a car really fast, I wanted to sing in front of an audience, I wanted to travel the world, I wanted to win an award for photography and the list goes on. I wanted to live life.

And then I had children. And a husband, a mortgage, a car payment, and then it was not so easy to do the things I said I wanted to do.

All of these things I had were not the reason I could not achieve what I wanted. It was because I lost the urgency, the passion,the zest for living my life to the max. It got lost between reading  Dr Suess, football and dance class.

So how do you regain the urgency and the passion for life. You start to live your life. You start to create goals that are small that you can do. You start to realize that between the kids and husband and the house, you can live your life doing what you love, doing what is passionate for you. You realize that you can be a person of responsibility and raise your children, cultivate your relationship and have what you want.

Here is how

Step 1

Write a list of 10 things you want to do

Step 2

Write a goal down for one of these

Step 3

Complete the goal

Step 4

Do the next goal.

Get urgent in your life. Do what you love to do. Figure out a way to make it work.

When was the last time you felt inspired?

I mean really inspired. The kind of inspiration that keeps you up at night excited about what you are going to do or what you are going to create.

For me, it is when I am developing my seminars, or really engaged in discussion with someone who is engaged in life.

When I see people who are inspired they are happy, productive, moving, and committed to something in their lives. They are taking risks, committed to their development, and wanting to make a difference.


they are concerned about someone else. They have someone else’s back. They have the interest–unselfishly–of someone else to support. Their life is about the care of someone else other than what they can gain from the relationship.  These people think about the other person  and what might support them. They are not just about themselves or the money they make.

Look out at the world and find someone who is like this and you will find a person to follow, a leader who is willing to make the sacrifices needed to make a difference. And this type of person is few and far between.

My father in law Doug Ropp was like that. He was the man who gave with his entirety. A preacher to a congregation of 20 he delivered 2 sermons every Sunday. He taught his son how to inspire unconditionally who then taught his children to do that. A leader who inspired  one or many.

To be inspired is to create transformation within one’s self so that one can execute change.

The Cornerstone is the inspirational tool that supports transformation in all areas of your life–physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.

You will be inspired to communicate more effectively, you will understand how to listen with an understanding that you can really hear people, what it costs you to stay small, how to get wealth and why you do  not have it, and how to face your biggest fear and not be afraid, and the opportunity to feel whole once again.

Inspiration comes from within.

And so much more.

Join us on November 25-27 for an eye opening weekend. Fear and procrastination are the reasons exactly to do this course. For the month of November it is 2 for 1. $288.00 for one or $497.00 for two.

For an application please email me at


The time to KICK Start your life is NOW, not on New Years. And if you are honest, we can all use a Kick Start. That is why I still after 20 years still attend classes. I want to sharpen the saw.

Application not information gets the GOLD. And the Gold is within you not outside of you.

AND if you do not see yourself as a ten, you will never reach your goals.

 At YOU Seminars we are committed to providing excellence. Excellence in our classes, our seminars, our interactions.

The Cornerstone is the beginning of that process.

On November 25,2011 the Cornerstone begins.

Would this not be the time to KICK start your life for the New Year?

Do not set a New Year’s resolution, set a life resolution that starts NOW. Do not wait another second.

Perhaps you have not taken it yet, Now is the time to do so. Or perhaps you know someone who would take it with you.

Perhaps you have taken the class and it is time for you to reaudit—for free of course.

Keeping a course like the Cornerstone to yourself is the ego’s way of keeping you small and insignificant. Sharing it says to you
that you matter and so does everyone else. Saying you will do it later is the excuse you use to not do what you want. Later is the polite way of saying that I am not enough.

 Here is just a sampling of what many have received

 How to raise children in a world that is nuts

How to have a romantic spark after 10 years of marriage

How to have people in your life that have your back…. really

How to increase your financial means

How to trust others

How to have power—personal power

How to stop procrastinating. Next week means nothing except that you will not do it.

How to increase your bottom line even when you work for someone else.

How to communicate so that you are heard

YOUR WORD and what it really means

How to set a goal and hit it—every time

And so much more.

Call me or email me for a registration form.


In martial arts class today, the comment came out that if you want different results then we must get uncomfortable.

We want things in our life. There is nothing wrong with that,it is part of the process of life. The key to this is knowing what the price is and what it is that you want.

The road to success comes with a price–being uncomfortable.

And as you do the uncomfortable, you become comfortable.

And you get different results in your life. What you get is confidence, self esteem, and the ability to know from within the power that you have choices. These choices start to form the vision for your life. Any other way

I remember my first belt test. it took me forever to commit to test for my white black belt. I had no confidence in my physical ability which was the reason I even started the practice in the first place. To do a roundhouse kick was hard. Now after passing my brown belt a roundhouse kick is easier. And so it is with everything.

The  Cornerstone Class is about doing the uncomfortable, about diving into what is really going on so that you can make a choice to do the same or not. It is about power, personal power now, so that in five years from now you do not wake up and ask yourself, what happened?

In martial arts class,there is the emphasis on the physical. In the Cornerstone, it is about the balance between mental, emotional, physical and spiritual. Too much time on one area, without action to the others leaves a void.

The next Cornerstone is  November 25-27,2011.  Figure out what you want, take steps to get there, get support to do it, and reap the results.

Email me at for more information on the up and coming classes.