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You want to give great customer service but there is a point when too much calling can be a nuisance.

So how much is enough?

It depends on the industry and it depends on the person.  For example, a salesperson who calls daily to close a sales contract is calling too much unless they have been asked to. A doctor who’s office calls hourly to get important information to you is not calling enough. So what are the signs that you are calling too much.

1. People not answering the calls

2. People always busy.

3. You do not get the sale in the end.

4. People are yelling at you or are short with you.

All of these attributes involve the fight, flight, or freeze response. Either of these responses spell NO SALE for you.

So the solution

1. Ask if this is a good time to call. Be excited about being on the call.

2. State your business quickly and succinctly.

3. If you are getting voice mail, leave a message and an email.

4. Follow up with what you want or need from them

5. Let them come to you. If after a week they have not returned you call, call them back at a different time.


A lot of my clients are talking about that feeling of being stuck, of not feeling together, of knowing that they are meant to do something different or better.

If this sounds like you, you are not alone.

Today we are in the middle of the mind, body, spirit, connection and that is leaving us feeling like we are lost or stuck.

So what do we do about this lost feeling?

We start to realize that this is a feeling of growth, of expanding your consciousness. So what does that mean?

It means that you are remembering what you are meant to do and you are gravitating towards it.

So, you are not in actual fact, stuck, you are course correcting.

You are course correcting, completing the purpose you were meant to do in the first place.

Now you do not get to think that you have wasted your time, everything you have done till now will support your purpose.

Now that you feel like you are not. Do something.


The key to business is TRUST

When you raise a child, it is important to be consistent. When you raise a business, it is the same way. That is how you build trust.

Consistency and trust is one of those keys that support your business. Your clients need to know they can count on you.  Your creditors need to know they can count on you. Your staff need to know they can count on you. You need to know you can count on you.

So what does this mean.

Your store opens at 8 am, you are there on time.

Payroll is on the 15th, cheques are ready on the 14th.

You say you are going to pay a bill, you do.

You say a job is going to done on time, it is.

It comes down to your word, to what you say, and the completion of the task at hand.

If you were to tell a child one thing and do another, the child learns to not trust what you say. It is the same in business. It is the same with your relationship with yourself.

If you cannot trust yourself, who can you trust. And you cannot really trust yourself if you continually do not do what you say you are going to do.

For some work on the trust issue, email for the dates and information of the up and coming Cornerstone.

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