So you are so excited about your new business, your multi level marketing business, or your financial investing business. And your mentor says to talk to all your friends and get them to buy your products because of course they will because they care about you.

This model is the best way to ruin friendships and to have your friends run from you, not take your calls, and generally not like what you are doing.

Of course this is the extreme, but there is a lot of truth to it.

Here is the problem, when we pitch our friends, we have an expectation that they will buy from us. When they do not, you may be disappointed. When they do and your product has problems, they will be disappointed.  And our friends today, we need to keep them as friends.

This took me a long time to really understand. I am a salesperson. I sell everything. I was in Costco the other day and I sold the protein powder that I use to the woman who was looking for something that did not taste bad.

How I sell today is very different than how I sold at the local seminar company I worked at for several years. They relied on you getting your friends to take their classes and you were substandard and let go if you did not do that. This type of manipulation is changing. The vibration of the people is changing. Thank goodness.

No one likes to be pitched. No one likes to be manipulated. No one likes to be let go.

So how does one become successful when dealing with a new business.