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Hi, I’m Corinne

  My Story

 My name is Corinne Ropp. I am a Clinical Hypnotherapist, Coach and Trainer.

 Now that we have that out of the way I   I want to tell you why I became a hypnotherapist and not any other profession.

 Hypnotherapy saved my life. It saved my marriage. It saved  my children. It saved my world.

 And the truth of the matter, the hypnotherapy I received was not even that great compared to what we know today.

 And it still saved my life.


 Because I wanted it to. I wanted to get out of the pain, the stress, the discomfort of being told I was not good enough, and the judgment of myself and others.

 Nothing else had worked, Drugs made me sleepy, excessive work got me cranky, counseling just made angry, and alcohol just got me in trouble.

 Hypnotherapy, because I practiced it every day supported me to start to shape my life, to see things differently, to see the other side of the coin, and to relax.

 There is a lot of research now on hypnotherapy and lots of people with degrees telling us how it is but I have something many do not, the experience of surviving trauma using hypnotherapy for the past 27 years.

 I took my initial training in 2008 and I started full time practice. I had already been delivering personal development classes and coaching both for business and personal for 10 years at this point.

 Hypnotherapy was the great addition to supporting my clients remove the blocks that stopped them from getting results.

 Throughout the years I had been coached by many different people, hypnotherapists and certified life and business coaches.

 What was missing was that I was being told to change the behaviour and that was not the solution. The belief needed to change so that the behaviour would change.

 I designed a coaching program that  supports the client to see the belief and then using hypnotherapy and small action steps to support the new belief.

 Y.O.U. Seminars Inc was started in 2007 when I quit my last corporate job working in personal development. I developed and facilitated personal development classes and continued having my private practice as well as group sessions.

 Students were having amazing results, from starting million dollar investment companies to getting married or divorced in the most healthy way. Our communities were benefiting since every 60 day class there was a community project that was done by the class so the homeless got fed in Vancouver, 18 families got Christmas, from presents to food, the Abbotsford Food Bank as the recipient of $10.000 worth of money and food one year, and a million dollar a year charity was formed.

 The school Y.O.U. Academy of Advanced Hypnotherapy started in 2013 as I wanted to support people to share hypnotherapy. The curriculum was designed with Dr. Conrad Adams from the US.

  On a personal note, I have stayed under the radar for quite some time, developing my craft. I am a spiritual person with a love for people. And as I grew, I No longer wanted to be under the radar. I no longer wanted to hide because what I did, my gifts and talents made others uncomfortable. 

  I was always different. I saw and felt things others did not. I did things because I could. I challenged things because it was my nature. My father used to say that he always had to stay one step ahead of me just to keep up. And he did everything to keep me humble to point that it was “just” me doing things again, to the point that I thought everyone could do what I do, it was not unique at all.  

 Not every 14 year old worked at the local newspaper. For 4 years I did all the darkroom work and learned the newspaper business and photography having my own byline at 15 years of age. My love of photography still brings me intense joy. 

 At 19 years of age in college, I became a mom and the dad rejected both of us. Thank God for unanswered prayers for I met my husband and he married both of us one year later and have been together since then. 

 3 children,  six grandhildren, and married to the best man I know for 32 years. (now you know how old I am)

I always had positions in sales, at least that is where I ended up. Always working with people.One job I had I started at the bottom driving truck. I had just sobered up after several years of wanting to drown myself in alcohol. In less than a year I was one of the top paid people in the company.

I found the personal development industry. That was the trip of a lifetime. I would not be the person I am today if it was not for that process but it had a lot of heartache along the way. I ended up working as a sales manager for them, only ending up disgruntled again in the human behavior. After the lessons I opened my own company in  2007 and have not looked back since then.

I became a best selling author in 2009. 

I earned my black belt in Sun Hang Do in 2013.

My greatest gifts in this lifetime was to truly understand what it was to support someone. My brother was wrongfully convicted of murder in 2000 and I have worked with and supported him and the UBC Law Innocence Project since then. As the sister of a convicted felon, I had to learn how to toss that label aside and support the person as he went through this lifetime because that was my destiny.

 It has been a full life where my theories and learning have been tested. Grateful for the learning.

My belief is going through all the things I have been through in my life is so that I have an understanding of how to help people,not just from a book, but from an experiential place. And I have accomplished that and more. If anything I say to you resonates with you and you want to stop the cycle of pain, give me a call or email me and i will support you to on your path to recovery and peace.


















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