Letting Go of the Past—Simply

Ever had someone tell you to let it go?

Ever have someone talk about the same thing over and over and you want them to let the subject go?

When I hear the words of the hit song Let it go, it speaks to a world of isolation that is suddenly broken free of the good opinion of ourselves and others.

Our past, our world of isolation, keeps us from doing many things in life such as starting a business, going on a date, saying what we really wish to say, speaking our truth, and so much more.

So when I hear the statement Let it go from someone, it sometimes sounds like a callous statement that speaks of  judgement and pain.

Yes I understand the person may have heard the person talk about the same subject for a long period of time, however it does not speak to compassion at all.

Most of the time, we mean well. We really do not want the person to be in pain anymore

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Corinne Ropp, director of YOU Seminars, has helped thousands of people both in her clinical hypnotherapy practice and in her business and coaching practice. He no nonsense practical approach to healing and living this life in the most amazing way.

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