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The Present

Many of us have gone through life like this and are not even aware of it.
Remember when you were
Dying to finish high school to go to college
Dying to finish college to start working
Dying to get married and have kids
Dying to have the kids grow older so that you could travel
Dying to to retire
Until a day comes when you realize that you forgot to live

This life is about living, not about dying.

Dying is for the Rushing.

We rush to work in a job we barely tolerate, we stay in relationships that are unhappy, we have people around us that support us to stay the same, we stay the same, scared of the past and terrified of the future, we do not exercise because it hurts, we exercise because it hurts, we are addicted to the “same old same old” because we know it, and we even forgot what that was in the beginning but because it feels normal, it must be okay.

Or we are so BUSY we can forget what really matters as long as our minds stay busy. Or we put up with things that would normally bother us, or we have no tolerance for anything and judge everything.

We in essence are a society built on distractions. We are masters at how to numb out the present moment as fast as we can. We live our life so fast that it looks like we are in a hurry to die.

So the solution to this.

Take one minute today and be in it fully aware of it, feel it, see it, breathe it, sense it, touch it, smell it, hear it, be in it fully.

When fear shows up, know it is from the past

When pain shows up, know that it is from the past.

When any emotion shows up, it is from the past.

Everything you think, good or bad is based on the past. It is neither good nor bad. It is a past message trying to get you to see that it is Now but it is not.

Do one thing today that you love. Be in the experience. Enjoy it. And then if you must continue on being in a hurry.  If you did this every day you would find that the minute will become longer.

Be in the PRESENT

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